The indie publishing journey

By (Alexandra Sokoloff)

by Alexandra Sokoloff

Thomas & Mercer and Amazon KDP both did a series of video interviews with me a couple of months ago. In this first one I talk about how I started writing and why I moved from screenwriting to traditional publishing to indie publishing – and then partly back again! It’s actually an amazing lot of information in a short piece; they did a brilliant job of sketching out the transitions of my writing journey and the reasons I switched media each time.

The shoots were done over two days by a couple of wonderful production teams, and included a ton of still photograph (you can see some shots below….)

Upcoming interviews will include pitches of all my books in 15 seconds or less, a piece on Dangerous Women that gets more thematic, and more individual interviews, all of which Amazon is giving me to use in my own promotion.

Traditionally published authors may have had to read that last bit twice.

I never had a traditional publisher do that level of promotional work for me. But that’s the way Amazon thinks. It’s smart business and shouldn’t be so shocking, but in traditional publishing authors are usually left to do and pay for the bulk of promotion on their own.

Just something for the authors out there to consider when making those publishing decisions. Of course, the bottom line is that we have more choice of how we get our books to readers than ever before, and that’s only good!

– Alex

Photo credit: Israel David Groveman

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