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By J.T. Ellison

Morning, y’all, and welcome to Sunday. How was your week? All is peachy keen at Chez Ellison. We just started the final project for our ten-year fixer-upper. Our master bath renovation should be done this Friday, and I’m telling you, after ten years I should write a home renovation thriller. I’ve certainly earned a PhD in home repair by now. 😑

In between the saws and hammers, I’m pounding away at THE BLOOD CABAL. When it comes to writing books, slow and steady wins the race, and I’m doing my part to knit the story together scene by scene. It’s not quick work by any means, but after doing this twenty times I know consistency will be rewarded.

This is always a helpful mantra:

giphy (21).gif

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

“Does It Spark Joy?” Is the Wrong Decluttering Question. I love this: we should be asking if our stuff fulfills a purpose (says the practical utilitarian).

I WAS ANASTASIA by Ariel Lawhon Galley Giveaway. I just finished this breathtaking book. Lucky me, I got an early copy. I WAS ANASTASIA doesn’t hit stores until March, but if the odds are ever in your favor you can get an early copy, too! (and trust me, you want one)

14 Book-Themed DIY Projects To Add Some Literary Flavor To Your Space. For the times you need a bookish weekend project. ✂

How To Stay Productive When Anxiety & Depression Feel Utterly Paralyzing. When we fall into the pit of overwhelm, actionable steps help us climb out. These are great, actionable steps to keep you on goal even when your body and mind don’t want to play ball.

21 Books Goodreads Users Are Damn Excited To Read This Fall. Once upon a Saturday, Buzzfeed put out this list (which includes LIE TO ME! 🎉) and I nearly fell on the floor. The end. Also, there are tons of good books for your TBR pile.

Government Almost Killed the Cocktail. So glad to see a good cocktail come back. Sláinte!

All About Gothic and DEAD ENDS, Too. My bestie, Laura Benedict, is a master of the Southern Gothic genre, and she breaks down its origins here, and talks a bit about the upcoming DEAD ENDS! (P.S. Laura’s story in DEAD ENDS, “Stone Angels,” is deliciously creepy and worth the price of admission alone)

Idris Elba Reads a Bedtime Story. This is rather awesome.

And closer to home:

Want to see the spooky photo that inspired DEAD ENDS? When I saw this picture, I had to ask my friends to write a story about it. You know what I learned? If you give 13 writers a photo and ask them to write a story, you’ll get 13 completely different (and awesome) stories.

Miss the LIE TO ME LiveSigning? Don’t worry—we recorded it for you! You can watch it at the link, or on my Facebook page. And if you’d like a signed book, there are still a few available.

That’s it from me! Happy official fall, blessed solstice, go enter Ariel’s galley giveaway, chug a pumpkin spice latte or two, and we’ll talk again soon.


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