Killer Year — The Class of 2007

A brief note from JT Ellison

Stolen from the Man in Black

Killer Year
is a brand new website for mystery and thriller authors whose debut novels
are being published in 2007. Once it’s up and running, the site will
feature news, reviews, articles, blogs, info on all members of the
class of 2007, and much, much more.

If you are thriller/mystery/romantic suspense writer whose debut novel is being published in 2007, email with the following:

Your Name
Book title
Publication month
website/blog URL
Jpeg of your book cover
Contact info

already begun compiling a database of our members, and will be sending
out blast emails and organizing fun events and promotions as we
approach 2007. Editors and agents, please pass this along to your
authors. This will be a great way to learn about exciting debut crime
writers, and get exclusive content on upcoming releases.

So get ready, because 2007 is gonna be a Killer Year.

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