After what can only be described as a fantastic evening at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Phoenix last night, my real-world tour for the release of SHADOW OF BETRAYAL is almost done. I’m not sure what the exact audience count was, but it had to have been north of 75. That was thanks, in large part, to the amazing Barbara Peters and her staff who not only scheduled a great three author event, but also publicized it far and wide. I was there with John Lescroart and Steve Martini, two great authors who are also a lot of fun.

I’ve got to say, I think multi author events are really the way to go. It’s great for the people who attend because they get exposed to authors they might not be familiar with, and it’s great for the authors because of the very same reason. It becomes a cross-pollination of audiences. I know that many people who came last night for either Steve or John ended up also buying my books, and I also know the same happened for in reverse.

Anyway, as I said, I’m almost done. I do have an event this Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Lancaster Library in Lancaster, California, where I’ll be appearing with our own Robert Gregory Browne. (If you’re around, I hope you can make it!) Then another event in mid-September. And that’ll be about it.

But as the real-world tour is winding down, my virtual tour is just getting into full swing! I’m in the middle of a blog tour that will last all month. I’ll be doing interviews, writing a few articles, and generally having fun. One of the more interesting things I did was an interview where I was the interviewer and my main character Jonathan Quinn was the interviewee. You can read it here.

I’m also the victim…eh…subject of Murderati regular commenter Karen Schindler’s TEN QUESTION TUESDAY. That was a lot of fun, too!

That’s just a couple of the places I’ll be. I’ll be posting a list in the next day or two on my personal blog. So check it out when you have a chance.

Finally, I just wanted to also thank all of you who came out and saw me as I was out on the road, and to the wonderful bookshop owners and employees who do such a great job for all of us (fans and writers) everyday!

And for those of you I didn’t see, hopefully we’ll do it next time.


  1. karen from mentor

    Good morning Brett.
    I TOLD you I behaved myself. :0) Cause you’re a gentleman.
    I even had someone remark at how "tame" the interview was in the comment thread.

    (just fyi: I gave Les Roberts strippers, cigars and brandy and HE rolled with it) [grins]

    So far your tQt has been read all over the us, australia, new zealand, canada, the uk and brazil and folks are still coming in.

    It was fun having you. I look forward to following the rest of the blog tour, and I’m glad the in person tour is going so well.
    Come back and see me any time.
    Karen :0)

  2. Alli

    I love the idea of multi-author readings for the exact same reasons you listed, Brett. It’s a great idea, and I imagine if an author is nervous about speaking in public, having some fellow writers in the midst could calm the pressure off and calm the nerves. Congrats on the book – I look forward to reading it!

  3. Stephen Jay Schwartz

    Hey Brett – glad to hear you’ve had such a successful tour! I agree that the multi-author signings are a smart way to market authors.
    I hope to see you at Tim’s signing at the Mystery Bookstore next week.


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