8.14.15 – The (long-overdue) Round-Up of WHAT LIES BEHIND

By JT Ellison

So WHAT LIES BEHIND has been out since just before Memorial Day, right when spring was on the cusp of becoming summer. Lots of people have said lots of nice things about this book, and in the dual interests of posterity and housekeeping, I’ve gathered them together in one, convenient place. It’s my media scrapbook, of sorts. Forgive the delay on the post, but if you haven’t read Sam’s latest adventure yet, this should tip you right on over the edge. Happy Friday!


I’m always grateful to get a good review from the fine people at Publisher’s Weekly.

Bestseller Ellison’s captivating fourth Samantha Owens novel (after 2014’s When Shadows Fall) finds the former Washington, D.C., medical examiner working as a consultant for the FBI. When a woman is found dead and a man near death in a house in Sam’s Georgetown neighborhood, the bloody crime scene suggests that the man stabbed the woman, then himself, in a fit of passion. Sam’s police detective friend, Darren Fletcher, who was recently promoted to homicide lieutenant, consults with Sam on the case. When the U.S. State Department asks them to keep the investigation under wraps, Sam and Fletch become increasingly suspicious that the crime wasn’t a simple murder-suicide. Meanwhile, Sam’s boyfriend, bodyguard Xander Whitfield, takes on the job of protecting James Denon, a wealthy British industrialist, while he’s visiting his business interests in the States. As Sam and Xander’s missions converge, they discover evidence of a serious bioterrorist threat. The cliffhanger conclusion will leave fans of romantic suspense eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Romantic Times deemed WHAT LIES BEHIND a June Top Pick!

Ellison just keeps getting better and better! This new addition to her Dr. Samantha Owens series further develops the ensemble of complex characters who play off each other nicely. This would make a fine beach read, except with the fast pace and thrills — the action all takes place in about 24 hours — you might never make it into the water. Minor plot threads and a brief appearance by Taylor Jackson (another Ellison protagonist) hint at more good stories to come.

Loved this quotable quote from Library Journal:

“Verdict: The fourth Samantha Owens novel moves from forensics to international bioterrorism, and the results are breathtaking! Thriller fanatics craving an action-packed novel of intrigue will be abundantly rewarded.”

Idgie over at Dew on the Kudzu has some lovely things to say as well (thank you, Idgie!).

Samantha has an interesting case on her hands . . . This novel involves spies, double spies, sociopath spies, mama spies and apparently a slightly slutty spy. Finally, throw some bioterrorism in there and you get really nervous while reading.

Shout-out to the incomparable Margaret Renkl of Chapter 16, and thank you for a stellar review (Speaking of, did you see Margaret’s op-ed in last Sunday’s New York Times on caregiving? Beautifully written, that).

Fans of Patricia Cornwell will appreciate Ellison’s brand of high intrigue paired with a medical-examiner slant . . . What Lies Behind is a straightforward and multilayered thriller with a dynamic cast of characters and an intricate web of conspiracy and backstory. Nashville-based Ellison, whose national reputation has been growing for years, is sure to win more new fans and critical acclaim with her latest thriller.

Working Mother Magazine has some kind things to say as well.

What Lies Behind has an explosive storyline that is all too realistic. The plot is a compelling mystery with a lot of action and terror.”

MilitaryPress.com. called WHAT LIES BEHIND a “realistic, frightening novel.” You know, they’d probably know . . .

Blackfive.net seemed to dig the plot:

“Because the plot takes place in one harrowing day the action never seems to stop. It can be seen as a warning for a terrorist threat that seems to have fallen under the radar.

I so enjoyed chatting with Debbie Haupt, mastermind behind The Reading Frenzy, who was ridiculously kind in her assessment of the novel!

“Where do I start telling how wonderful this was, do I start by giving it the 6 out of 5 stars it deserves? Do I start by saying what an adrenalin rush this nail biting, page-turning, one-sitting tale is so that by the end readers will need to breathe into a brown paper bad to stop hyperventilating?”

Universal Creativity, Inc. Magazine was so gracious with their comments in the May issue.

A highly thrilling and fact-paced novel that readers will come to love. The suspense hangs high in the air on every page.

Guest Posts & Chats

Suite T, Southern Writers Magazine’s blog, invited me over for a guest post!

And many thanks to Crimespree Magazine for hosting such a fun chat.

Interviews & Features

Amazon featured WHAT LIES BEHIND in crime newsletter and on Kindle Post blog!

I was honored that Bookpage invited me to be one of their “Meet the Author” segments in June. That was pretty cool.

A kind literary blogger from Bulgaria, Ognian Georgiev of LandofBooks.com interviewed me too.

Anthony Franze of Suspense Magazine portrays me more charmingly than I deserve. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation on writing, and giving you, gentle readers, a few of my secrets.

I had so much fun with Josie Brown of The Big Thrill. She asked me a delightful mixture of insightful yet fun questions!


I also had a few signings, where I had the good fortune to meet some of you lovelies. Many thanks to each of these venues for hosting me!

  • FoxTale Book Shoppe: Atlanta, GA
  • Parnassus Books: Nashville, TN
  • Reading Rock Books: Dickson, TN
  • Books-A-Million: Nashville, TN
  • The Friends of the Decatur Public Library: Decatur, AL
  • Publix Highway 100: Nashville, TN

And most of all, thanks to you, gentle reader, for your kind words and support. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know! Xoxo

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