5.29.16 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend, chickens! It’s been a quiet one at Chez Ellison, as the mister and I contracted some sort of plague which includes a lovely low-grade fever. Which is okay, actually, because we’ve been going so hard and fast the past few months, a weekend off is agreeable to us both. The renovations are done too! We have new floors throughout the house, and finally have some peace.

Anywho, off to the Smatterings!

Here’s what happened on the ‘Net this week:

It’s no secret I am a fan of Steven Pressfield, and his blog this week, “The Blitzkrieg Method” on writing first drafts is stellar. Just vomit them out, people. You can fix the rest later.

I love the short form, and was excited to see the awesome list of 17 Stellar Short Stories You Should Read Online This Month.

This list of resources on furthering your education, called How to Make the Time to Learn, is priceless. I joke that I get a new Ph.D. every book, but it’s true — and now, here are some seriously awesome links to get you started on yours!

Because what is Smatterings without talking books: What Your TBR List Says About Your Personality. Full disclosure, I am adventurous. I know, you’re shocked.

And since we all need a little zen in our lives, I highly recommend a cuppa and ten minutes ruminating on this lovely, peace-filled essay: Calling on the Muse: A Meditation for Writers

And on the home front:

There is 1 day left to Win 11 Signed Thriller Novels PLUS a Brand New Kindle Fire! ENTER NOW!

I was blown away to hear NO ONE KNOWS on Modern Mrs. Darcy podcast, and then even more excited to learn it had been chosen for her exceptional 2016 Summer Reading Guide. You’ll find it in the Gripping Novels section!

On the Tao, I hosted my friend and fellow thriller writer Tosca Lee.

From The Wine Vixen: 9 Wines for Barbecues & Beaches This Summer Because it’s that time of year, peeps.

And we’ve got a sleek, exciting new newsletter coming your way next week. If you’re not a part of the list, join us!

That’s it from me, darlings. God Bless our fallen heroes, and be safe out there!



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