3.24.16 – In Which I Talk NO ONE KNOWS with Lots of Fine People

By JT Ellison

Every author knows that with the birth of a book comes marketing. After all, we have to tell you the book exists so you can read it!

But y’all. I wrote a lot of things for NO ONE KNOWS. Like, a lot.

Like 20,000 words worth. Like 1/4 of a novel’s worth.

And I wrote about all kinds of things! How I wrote a new kind of book. How happy I am we Nashville writers have a “room of our own,” so to speak. What my superpower of choice would be and what my favorite TV shows are. The crazy dream that featured both my husband and Harlan Coben that gave me the idea to write NO ONE KNOWS.

I’ve included snippets from some of the pieces that have run. You can follow the links to read the pieces in their entirety. I hope you enjoy them!


From SIBA’s Lady Banks newsletter: “The Southern Bookstore”

A few nights ago, I attended a signing at the wonderful Parnassus Books in Nashville. The signing author was Ariel Lawhon, who was launching her brilliant story chronicling the doomed flight of the Hindenburg, Flight of Dreams. As Ariel and I hugged and kissed hello, bookseller extraordinaire Bill Long-Innes smiled benevolently and asked, “Do you guys have a writer tribe? It seems like Nashville authors really make an effort to support one another. I wonder if any other cities have such a tight knit group?”

Ariel and I nodded, because we do have a tribe here in Nashville.

From my Reddit AMA:

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Hardest question ever. You have to decide between wanting ultimate knowledge or ultimate power. I think I’d like to be able to control time. It’s the one resource I don’t seem to ever have enough of.

From Parnassus Books’ Musing blog:

And I’m fascinated by choices. I’d like to think I have a pretty steady moral compass, so when someone does something unethical, or criminal, I’m always aghast. And then I want to sit them down and find out why. What drove you to that decision? Was it easier to cheat? Weren’t you worried about how it would look? You weren’t afraid of going to jail? The idea that our society is split in two — law-abiders and criminals — makes novels like mine come to life. I love Nashville as the palette for this kind of story, too. The juxtapositions in this town are fabulous.

From Criminal Element:

Way back in 2010, I had a dream. My husband and I were attending a wedding weekend at the Opryland Hotel. He was with the guys, I was with the girls, and, as such, hopelessly bored—because when I’m not with him, I’m always unsettled. So, I went to find him.

I texted him and said, “Come meet me for a drink.” He didn’t reply, but a waiter came into the bar with a gin and tonic. Knowing it was from him, I smiled and sent another text. He still didn’t reply. When I finished the drink, I got directions to where the boys were meeting. I was worried.

As I stepped outside, Harlan Coben was there.

From Southern Writers Magazine’s Suite T blog:

This week sees the release of my very first standalone novel.

When a writer changes gears and moves into new territory, it’s scary, both for the author and for the readers. Will the story hold up? Will it make sense? Will I, the author, get drummed out on my ear when people start to read it? Will the twists work?

All kinds of terrible scenarios come to mind, made worse by this book’s (very) long journey to publication.

Southern Writers WHAT LIES BEHIND giveaway

And speaking of Southern Writers…

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