12.6.15 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hello darlings. Another week has passed, one fraught with terror and tales of heroism. It breaks my heart, it truly does, especially in this season of Peace. As I mentioned on the socials, I’m so proud and humbled to write stories about heroic cops. The cops, sheriffs, FBI, ATF and first responders of San Bernardino are my kind of heroes.

Before the world went to hell in a hand basket *again* this week (sigh) there were a few cool things on the interwebs. Get your tea, settle in, and enjoy this week’s smatterings:

A former editor comes to the dark side in a hilarious, touching way with an essay that struck a chord in all of us: “DEAR AUTHORS, I’M SORRY.” Can’t wait for her book!

Nerdiest showed all the cool ways we scienced the s*** out of the universe this year with their list of 10 big discoveries from 2015.

I know I’ve been a little mouthy lately, but it’s because I have a liberal arts education, which challenged my thought process, and this piece made me stand up and cheer. I loved this quote: “A liberal arts academy is about learning. It’s not supposed to be a place to *suppress* controversial ideas.” Emphasis my own.

Banal but true: I’ve been using a great new grocery service called Shipt! and you probably don’t care. But if you do — I’m telling you, this service is your new bestie. Use my link and get $10 back when you sign up!

I absolutely LOVE the idea of filling a notebook with things I don’t yet know, then trying to discover them. If it works for geniuses from MIT, maybe it will work for us. And to give it a writing slant — this is a superb way to begin a story. Hmm… maybe I better blog about this… http://calnewport.com/blog/2015/11/25/the-feynman-notebook-method/ …

And because laughter is always the best medicine: this. Man’s Noisy Spider Battle Sparks Police Calls.

On this second Sunday of Advent, light your candles and read this brief reminder of the reason behind the season from Diana Gabaldon. I love her openness about her faith, and love how generously she shares it.

Now, from the Team Ellison home front — two, count them, two blogs for your pleasure this week, one on writer self-care and the other a slightly less-than-reverential look at my mind process.

The December newsletter released to fanfare and joy. And all the recipes now have lovely PDF versions for you to download!

On The Wine Vixen, we got Gnarly and discovered a delightful Pinot. Have y’all seen the new ad on knowing wine? Cracks me up every time. “Pinor Noir… which means… Peanut of the Night…”

Finally, I am going to have some interesting news for you on Two Tales Press next week, so you should check out our new news page, build specifically for this purpose by the assistant extraordinaire.

Blessed Advent, chickens.

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