“Why the hell won’t they review my book?!!!”

(note: I’m traveling right now, promoting ICE COLD and “Rizzoli & Isles,” so apologies for the short blog post.  I won’t be able to respond to comments, but trust me, I will be checking them when I get home in two weeks.)

All you writers reading this have no doubt stared in frustration at the book reviews page of major newspapers and wondered why your title isn’t included in the latest roundup of novels.  John Q. Stuckup’s latest literary novel about  the usual (yawn) white-male-midlife-and-bad-marriage-crisis will eat up a zillion column inches.  So will the review of Jane Babyface’s debut memoir about her angst-filled days as a barista/ hooker.  But your novel? The wham-bam thriller that will probably find twice the audience as Mr. Stuckup’s or Ms. Babyface’s?  It’s nowhere to be found in any newspaper review pages.  Yes, it may have been dutifully reviewed in Publishers Weekly and Booklist and that perennial good friend to authors, Romantic Times.  But good luck finding it mentioned in the New York Times or the Washington Post.  Or, for that matter, in any major big-city newspaper.

It’s no doubt a sore point for many genre authors.  After all, we’re the engine that drives publishing, the creators of the product that the public actually wants to read.  But where are the reviews of thrillers, romances and science fiction in newspaper review pages?  Are we being discriminated against? 


Or maybe the reason is this:


You are looking at the July fiction reviews bookshelf of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  These are the galleys that the Inquirer is considering for reviews during the month of July.  Mnd you, this is only the fiction section; the nonfiction section has a cabinet with just as many galleys waiting for review.  This is only for the month of July, and these are the survivors after a severe winnowing down of all the galleys the newspaper received for this month.  

I had the chance to visit the Inquirer building during my recent trip to Philly, and journalist Michael Klein was kind enough to give me a tour of the newsroom.  (Get a load of the messy desks — they look like mine!)



Klein pointed out bins and bins of discarded galleys which had already been rejected.  He also told me that, every week, the Inquirer receives about two hundred galleys for review. That’s eight hundred a month.  

If yours is one of them, good luck getting noticed, much less reviewed.  The chances are, it got chucked into one of those recycle bins.  

With that many galleys flooding the newspaper, reviewers have to make tough choices.  Big debut novels, of course, get special notice.  So do books by high-profile or celebrity authors such as Glen Beck or Sarah Palin.  But for those of us who reliably hone our craft year after year?  We have to fight for every column inch of attention.

My visit to the Inquirer was a sobering look at how tough newspapers have it these days, trying to keep up with all they have to cover.  Every author wants attention, but one look at the piles of discarded galleys reminded me of just how hard it is to be noticed when you’re fighting for attention along with two hundred other books.  Every single week.


53 thoughts on ““Why the hell won’t they review my book?!!!”

  1. PK the Bookeemonster

    Even in the mystery world, it seems the same authors get the attention over and over. That’s why I’m doing my newsletter; it won’t have reviews but it will have summary/excerpt/backlist/publishing info. If one just looks at the newspapers, the genre mags, etc., one would think there are just a handful of authors when in fact 50 to 90 books in crime fiction alone are released each month. Someone could argue that they DON"T count because some of them are cozies/thrillers/whathaveyou but each author had a dream and put effort into it and they each deserve some kind of recognition because there is an audience out there somewhere for each.

  2. Zoë Sharp

    Hi Tess

    It’s amazing, but what can you do?

    I’m reminded of a comment made by Christine Poulson, who said, "You think, when you get your first book published, it’s like winning the lottery. Then you realise that all you’ve won is a ticket to another lottery…"

  3. Spencer Seidel

    Great post. I wonder… Is there competition among newspapers for reviews? For example, if the Boston Globe reviews my book, is there any pressure on the Portland Press Herald to do the same?

  4. Jeanne in MN


    Saw the first episode of Rizzoli & Isles. Congratuations! I hope you were pleased with it. I certainly enjoyed it. And what a great time slot right after The Closer! I hope it is a cable network hit.

  5. Louise Ure

    Thank God for online reviews.

    One of the most humbling conversations I had when my first book came out was with a young woman who brought one of my galleys to a book signing. "I found it in the garbage bin behind the San Francisco Examiner!" she crowed, then asked me to sign it.

  6. pari noskin taichert

    Even at the little Albuquerque Tribune where I was a literary columnist (and which has since died a very sad death), we got hundreds of books a month — five, six years ago. Hundreds.

    While I still think there is a bias against certain genres: romance and science fiction especially, the sheer numbers of galleys that flow into newsrooms is staggering.

  7. Allison Davis

    Tess, the best review is seeing the book under someone’s arm, like I did over the 4th of July when friends got together at my place in New Orleans. My friend, Paula from Atlanta, came in with your book and I said, "I know her…or not really, but…I comment on her blog!" Ah. I was very excited to see it and then we all talked about your books, who had read what and feeling book envy when one said that she’d read everything from the beginning. Now that’s a review.

    Nice post and a peep at the peepers.

  8. Allison Brennan

    I wasn’t a reporter, but my desk in the Capitol looked like those . . . and usually my office at home looks like that too! LOL.

    I don’t sweat the reviews because being a mass market original genre/commercial fiction author I’m doubly screwed. Thank God for RT Book Reviews and a few stable and popular blogs, or I’d have no quotes at all!

  9. KDJames / BCB

    Allison, I’ll give you a quote or a glowing review any day. You too, Tess. Except, you know, you might want that kind of thing to have a broad positive impact or at least be somewhat effective. 😉

    Thanks for this perspective, Tess. Depressing as hell, but a good hard dose of reality and something all writers should know.

  10. Janet Boyer

    I’m an Amazon.com Top 10/Vine Reviewer and LibraryThing Early Reviewer, as well as an author myself (Back in Time Tarot).

    I sympathize on both counts!

    From the big NYC five to small presses to individuals, I get dozens of galleys and finished copies a WEEK. Although I have been paid for my reviews in the past, including print publications, reviewing is a labor of love. (I have over 800 pages on my personal site and most of those are reviews!)

    How I AGONIZE about the fact that I don’t have time to review all the great books out there! I’m serious. I compile a monthly New Releases page on my site, Tweet about interesting books that cross my desk and so on…but I just don’t have the TIME. (I’m an author, professional Tarot reader, homeschooling Mom…well, you get the picture).

    And as an author? Yikes! Try getting a niche non-fiction book reviews (apart from friends and colleagues)!

    Fortunately, book bloggers and online reviewers like myself ARE filling in the gap left by newspapers unable to dedicate space to book reviews. We’re trying! :o)

    I’ve been a fan of your books for years, Tess, and appreciate this inside peek to what may end up under the pawprint of a dinosaur (newspapers).

    Janet Boyer

  11. Edward Pettit

    Tess, I used to review for the Inq back when Frank Wilson was the Book Editor. The book room was always packed. There were days when you could hardly walk in it. I used to love visiting it and just going through shelves and mail bins stuffed with new books.

    But the real problem with getting a review there these days is that the Inq, like most newspapers, don’t review many books anymore. At the end of Wilson’s run, there could be as many as 20 reviews per week (not a lot, I know, but still) Now the paper runs about 4 reviews on Sunday and maybe a couple more during the week. I don’t even think the Inq has an actual Book Editor anymore. A print review for fiction is almost like hitting the lottery. The print reivew world still holds some sway over book sales, but it is dwindling very quickly.


    As a frustrated new reviewer, I would like to offer this tidbit…….what about offering some of those copies to us? There are tons of us out here, and we would love the opportunity to review your work. Granted, we can’t get you in the Times,but we post on Amazon, and speaking for myself, about 40 other websites, no less than 10 blogs, and local weekly papers. I know it is not much, but at least it gets your name out there. I also email all my reviews to librarians in a three state area, as well as make a point of passing the books on to others who review in their local areas and online when I finish with it. There are several great online small companies that work with authors and reviewers to get copies out and into the hands of folks just dying to read and review, cause we all have to start somewhere. If anybody wants more info, I would love to talk with you more. Working together, we can do the job the big media guys don’t seem to see the importance of.

  13. Shaun Jeffrey

    Getting reviews is hard. Getting reviews in the places that count is even harder. For books published in the small press, the chances are even slimmer that a major reviewer is going to take a chance and read it, let alone review it. But I guess it does happen now and again. I live in hope 🙂

  14. Charlie

    I second Lauri’s comment, there are so many blogs for books nowadays for every genre and quite a number are very popular, an author gets a review on one of those and soon other bloggers catch on and the book can be seen on many different sites. You’re often likely to be mentioned in future posts too.

  15. Joe Schwartz

    Makes me look forward to dying. At least then they’ll have to print my name in their precious paper.

  16. Margaret Renkl

    I edit Chapter16.org, a web publication of Humanities Tennessee (the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities) devoted to book reviews and author interviews. Our coverage is not limited to literary fiction and nonfiction: we also review thrillers, romance, poetry, children’s picture books, and YA. We do focus, however, on books by Tennessee writers and by writers making an appearance in the state. As it happens, you’ll be in Memphis tonight, and today we reviewed ICE COLD:


    Last year Humanities Tennessee conceived of– and designated significant funding for– Chapter 16 in direct response to the loss of book pages and books coverage at newspapers around the state. Since our launch in October 2009 (in connection with the Southern Festival of Books, another Humanities Tennessee project), we’ve also developed a partnership with SouthComm, Inc., whose publications, including the Nashville Scene and the City Paper, run our content weekly in print and online.

    At Chapter 16 we attend in some way to every book by a Tennessean that falls under our coverage mandate, but we love the opportunity to reviews books by visiting authors, as well. To do that, though, you have to come to Tennessee to visit, and that’s why we’re so glad to see your tour stop in Memphis. I hope other Murdurati members will be passing through soon, too.

  17. Gwen

    I know that the be-all-end-all for an author might be to have a review of their book in a prestigious paper’s review section, as an avid reader, I can count the number of times that a review in one of those papers has actually led me to buying the book on two fingers. (and that is being generous)

    Take heart and create buzz online. This buzz is translated to book sellers which means more readers. Isn’t that what writers are all after? Who needs the stuffy papers?

  18. Myles Knapp

    As a newspaper reviewer, for thrillers and gritty detective novels, I'd like to ad a couple of comments. The biggest comment is that I review 3 books a month out of the hundreds I receive. The book pages of most major newspapers are shrinking. My column has been cut by 30+% over the last year.

    Now, I am speaking as an independent reviewer and not a representative of any of the publications that print my columns. Here's a really big deal. They don't cut the car columns because car dealers advertise in the newspaper. So they need editorial to pad out the ads and to draw in readers.

    Virtually no bookstores or publishers advertise in the newspaper, so the section runs at a loss. Of course it does attract readers, but it certainly is not a profit center. Publishers constantly bemoan the fact that the number and quality of newspaper book reviews are shrinking. They constantly talk about how important book reviews are, but almost no one feels that the book sections are important enough to support financially.

    If there were more advertising of books, book stores … there would be more book reviews.

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  20. David Isaac Maldonado

    Well at least I'm not alone. I was frustrated recently because one of my fans tried adding me to Wikipedia. They were told that since I had no reviews from anybody important I was not important enough. After 5 novels I know I’m new to the game but it really made me not want to write anymore. I'm still writing but I see it as for my enjoyment at this point. Maybe after I have died and my great grandkids are having their kids will someone say "hey what is this check from?"

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