Who, me?

By PD Martin

Well, looks like today is/was my Wildcard Tuesday and I’ve completely missed it. It’s 7.25am here in Oz, and all hell is about to break loose in my house as I try to get Grace to school and Liam ready for his second ever swimming lesson. 


So, huge apologies from me. I’ve got nothing….nadda. 


And my only excuse is that I’m still not quite moving away from the chaos side of the equation…yet! 


Hope you’ll forgive me!

3 thoughts on “Who, me?

  1. PD Martin

    Thanks, Sarah. The day didn't get much better! Despite the fact that it was exactly one year since we were allocated our son (so a joyous day)! My daughter fell and twisted her ankle on the way to school. I wanted to wait 10 minutes or so and see how it was but didn't have time (needed to get to Liam's swimming lesson). So she didn't go to school until later in the day – but then it was fine! On the way to swimming someone reversed into me. Luckily, only damage to the license plate. Then after school was Grace's swimming lesson and the shower ran out of hot water.

    And all this on four hours' sleep. Sigh…


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