Welcome to Murderati

Pari Noskin Taichert a.k.a. Bad Girl O’ PR


Cool name, hunh?

Think of it as a combo of something smart, glamorous* and appropriate:  Literati + glitterati + murder.

(* Um, well, maybe “glamorous” is a bit of a stretch for mystery authors.)

Today, I’m playing it straight. It’s my job to give a small intro to the blog. You can find our bios and other info on this site. But I thought it might be useful for you to know what each of us hopes to achieve on our individual days o’ the week. That — and the names of our newest books –- just in case you don’t click anywhere else.


This will be the Wild Card – an anything-can-happen kind of day with guest bloggers and The Mystery Bookseller dropping in from time to time.


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Pari Noskin Taichert.

I’ll use my day to shake up limited perspectives on public relations and marketing. My tools will be interviews with experts and analyses of marketing campaigns and websites —- often ones that don’t have to do with selling books or authors.

Also, as a proud New Mexican published with an academic press, I plan to write about what it’s like to be labeled as “regional” and to have to work so hard to get national attention. No whining here – just the facts and how I’ve dealt with them. BTW: my newest book is THE BELEN HITCH.


Denise Dietz is going to introduce you to Beatrice Brooks. I can’t wait to read this serialized, modern Perils of Pauline adventure – even if it is G-rated. For those of you who haven’t read Deni’s works, you’re in for a treat. Deni’s newest books are CHAIN A LAMBCHOP TO THE BED and EYE OF NEWT.


Naomi Hirahara has garnered national acclaim for her Mas Arai series. On Murderati, she’ll write about her experiences working in different genres. She’ll also dish the inside scoop about L.A. booksellers, media, readers and more. In a brilliant move, Naomi’s newest book, SNAKESKIN SHAMISEN is due out April 25, 2006 – it’ll debut at the L.A. Times Festival of Books.


Simon Wood’s caustic humor will permeate the posts about his experiences with the publication of his newest book WORKING STIFFS. With merciless clarity and a skewering wit, he’ll write about everything from cover design to editing and from road trips to book signings. Be prepared to learn about this wacky business from a very unique perspective.


J.T. Ellison’s pieces will explore the mystery world through a newbie’s POV. We’ll follow her on the bumpy road to publication — and all the detours in between. In addition to her thrillers, J.T. writes flash fiction and critiques for Reviewing the Evidence.


Elaine Flinn’s interviews of famous and fine authors will keep you laughing for hours; I guarantee they’re not the regular fare. Elaine has been nominated for so many awards — and won a Barry for TAGGED FOR MURDER — she’s probably got a wall of honor in her office. Her newest book in the Molly Doyle series is DEADLY COLLECTION.

That’s it for now.

Again, welcome to Murderati.

Don’t be shy. Stop by often and let us know what you think.



18 thoughts on “Welcome to Murderati

  1. Louise Ure

    Hi Pari (et al)!

    You guys have put together a great looking site. And your plans for daily/weekly contributions are terrific! I’ll be a daily visitor.

    Louise (raising a glass to your success)

  2. Pari Taichert

    Hey, Louise! Thanks so much for stopping by. I think this is going to be fun and that we can add to the dialog about our crazy profession.

    BTW: I can’t wait to clink your glass in person sometime soon.


  3. John Orman

    Hi, Pari!

    Congrats on your blog. Like that Murderati name. Definitely in the glitterati vein, which is how I would categorize your stellar lineup of blog compadres. I look forward to Simon’s “caustic humor”–guess that is some kind of trend for guys (and idols) named Simon! I am sure your blog will be successful–it already has way more comments than my own humble blogging effort. Good Luck!John Orman

  4. Elaine

    Thanks for the kind words, Pari! And yes, I do have a wall of honor in my office – but it’s filled with photos of my friends from Mysteryville-and there’s an interesting one of you. Remember that one at Bcon? In the bar? I burned the negative. Honest.

  5. Duane Swierczynski

    Hey, Pari, JT, Elaine and the gang–

    Righteous blog name (sounds like an Italian serial killer)… and even more righteous blog! I’m looking forward to checking in every day.



  6. JT Ellison

    Hey Duane, thanks for stopping by. We promise not to put any hits out, just lots of good talk about mysteries of all shapes and sizes, from dark to light. Check back often!

  7. Iden Ford

    Bubble on baby, we speak the same language. My wife’s latest book got launched last night at Sleuth of Baker Street, then we flew to Winnipeg this morn for more of the same. Check my blog for a report http://idenford.blogpsot.comAnd Elaine, my wife would be happy to be on your interview bubble anytime. As for me, I would have to bring my camera so that would be a real trick. We Celts stick together eh?

  8. Elaine Flinn

    Bubble on, indeed! Isn’t there a childrens rhyme that goes something like-‘bubble, bubble, someone is in trouble’? Probably not. It’s been a long day!

    Better check out Saturday’s interview before you decide, Maureen!!! If you’re game, I’d love to get you On The Bubble.

    I’m still on my way to Monterey (after a to-die-for antiques auction in San Rafael on Saturday)so I won’t be checking back until Sunday.

    Ciao, ‘ya all-


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