16 thoughts on “Welcome to MURDERATI

  1. Elaine

    Hey, Louise!

    You have the distinction of being the first of our friends to congratulate us! Thank you!

    Sorry about that,’fieldmarshal’-the name doesn’t ring a bell.


  2. Christine Goff

    What a nice looking blog site. I’ve been thinking about doing a blog, and I think this group block idea is a great one. I’ve bookmarked the site, and will check back. Tomorrow is the 3rd, and it sounds like that’s when things really start happening.


  3. Tania

    You’ve got a great look and interesting contributors…I can’t wait to see what you come up with in terms of content! I’ll be back. 🙂

  4. Michele Rosenberg

    I don’t normally have time to read blogs but I truly look forward to this one.

    I write nonfiction for a living and am interested in JT Ellison’s comments for a possible follow-up article.

    Michele Rosenberg

  5. Jean Kinkead

    This is fantastic! The look and feel is wonderful with lots of good info. Looking forward to following updates and checking out links. Learned about it @ Naomi Hirahara’s site. Really excited that she’s got a new title coming out in her Mas series. For those that haven’t yet read her books, do, they are wonderful.

  6. Rebecca Swets

    Hi, gang! Finally found the dang link! 🙂 Writing is on the back burner at the moment, due to my Music Director/Worship Arts Director position at my church. BUT I’m in a kind of a bind. Not a block, just a bind. I have a scene in a restaurant, with my PI and a suspect who doesn’t know he/she is a suspect. I need SUSPENSE, TERROR, and FEAR but am having trouble. Basically, it involves a Florida Panther, a radical animal rights group, terrorists, AND several bloody murders..with the PI’s mother’s bones finally being ID’d from a Cold Case from the 80s. Any ideas on how to make it TENSE??? I can write it as a play scene; I’m having trouble making it a NOVEL scene. HELP!

  7. Naomi

    First of all, my dear Jean, thanks for the props! You are my favorite reader from Cape Cod. I mention you all the time in my talks. Some of the locals over here can’t believe that someone from the other side of the country could understand a character like Mas. Come visit often.

    And Rebecca, in terms of your restaurant scene, it seems like you could do a lot with your setting. What kind of restaurant is it? Steak house with slabs of meat on display (maybe triggers something in the animal rights activist)? Is there someone strange in the restaurant? Is it a dive? Is it notorious in some way? Does the PI run into another person who shouldn’t be at the restaurant? Use your environment to set the tone. The rest should follow. In the meantime, make beautiful music!

  8. Kate

    Elaine, fellow authors, and any other crew:

    Wonderful layout and links.

    Best wishes for a glorious futurein blogland.

    KateAKA katedirect


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