Valentine’s Day, 14 Things.

By Cornelia Read

So I was going to write part two of my writing and craziness post, on depression, and then realized, “oh, shit, it’s Valentine’s Day.”


And figured, hey, for those of you all psyched for today, who needs a downer post, and for the rest of us, why rub it in?

Herewith, instead, I offer you fourteen things for Valentine’s Day, whether your love is requited, or not.

Piaf nouveau:

Once more, with ukelele:

Bling, baby:

Lithuanians and Letts do it:

A youngun with some real pipes on her:

The Billie, the Best:

See if I care:

La Divina:


Nothin’ says lovin’ like Lily Von Shtupp:

Girl-on-girl action:

A brand-new recipe:

That baby talk:

How lovely it was:

So long, and


12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, 14 Things.

  1. Zoë Sharp

    Having just had a copy of Fortnum & Mason’s latest catalogue, which included two dozen roses for the knockdown price of £180 ($270-ish), I’m a fully paid-up member of the Keep It Simple school of celebrating St Valentine’s Day.

    Loved the ‘Blazing Saddles’ vid, though. Nice to see romance isn’t dead … ;-]

  2. Cornelia Read

    Happy V-Day, one and all!

    Dusty, I’m with you about that meme. I’ve been enjoying reading everyone else’s random stuff, but I already bore enough people about myself already.

    R.J. and Zoe, I’m with you on the Blazing Saddles, though I was tempted to try to find the railroad workers singing “You’re the Top” instead of Lilly V S in this number.

    Rae, of course I stole “pipes” from you, and I’ve been loving the Aerosmith CD, thank you!

    Allison, I’m all about the musical coffee, glad you liked these.

    Neil, I’m with you on the Ronettes. Something about that little twang-rasp in her voice–It just hooks me every time.

    Pari, I got the Valentine sent to me yesterday by Yvette on Lee C’s forum, and it just cracked me up.

    Hope you’re all lounging around eating bon-bons and drinking Bellinis or something wonderful.


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