The year in review

By PD Martin

Like many people I often feel reflective around this time of year and I thought today I’d use that feeling to think about my year (2012) of blogging here at Murderati. My highlights! I’ve included craft blogs for the writers plus some more general posts. Hope you enjoy the highlights show…

I opened 2012 up with a look at the health hazards of being a writer — and I think these apply no matter what year we’re in! Things like RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, alcoholism, insomnia, stress, etc.

And if you’ve ever wondered whether being an author was more about talent or skill, check out my April 10 blog.

In May Aussie Kathryn Fox was my guest, and she talked about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)…an eye-opening blog!

One of my July blogs was about the rollercoaster effect of being a writer — the creative rollercoaster, the agent rollercoaster, etc.

September was a very important and personal blog — And Baby Makes Four. This blog talked about us going to Korea to pick up our new son.

Finally, I closed 2012 with a blog on the gun laws in Australia. It was in response to some of the discussions I was part of on Murderati and Facebook about the tragedy in Connecticut.

So they are my blog (and sometimes life) highlights of 2012. Obviously there were a lot of blogs (and milestones) in between, but I wanted to mention some of my favourites.

What are some of your highlights of the year? Blog or otherwise 🙂

3 thoughts on “The year in review

  1. Reine

    Blog memories. I remember barfing myself onto the page and trying to suck myself back in. Doesn't work. I might as well keep barfing. There is a certain satisfaction in that. In acceptance.

    Murderati. Murderati makes room that doesn't insist on Pollyanna's approval. More than a year ago. But says what I feel about this blog. Murderati is where I was the day I could not get a van to the grocery store. The day one neighbor shot other neighbors at that grocery store. Helicopters flew over my house to Safeway as I commented. I guess the Rati thought I had pitched my brain into the toilet that day. I almost did. It was a bad time.

    We lost one of our daughters this year. Now my love is very sick. He sits here with me now. And I write. I write. I write.

  2. Reine

    Thank you, Phillipa. I think the new year will be better. Not everything was bad in 2012. It feels like it some days. I am okay with life. Writing is a great thing. That someone hears you. Even better.


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