Thanks Aren’t Enough…

A big Thank You to Graham Powell, for all the incredible work you do with CrimeSpot.

We appreciate your dedication and support. Happy Holidays!


And from the terrible news department, Flashing In The Gutters, the coolest site on the web, has shut its esteemed doors.

On behalf on myself and all the flashers here at Murderati, let me extend another huge THANK YOU to my buddy Tribe, for giving me a chance to share my dreams and nightmares. You taught me what short fiction was meant to be, and I’ll be forever grateful.

We’re gonna miss ya!

All best,

7 thoughts on “Thanks Aren’t Enough…

  1. pari noskin taichert

    J.T.,Thank you for spotlighting these two impressive contributors to the crime fiction world.

    Graham, what a gift you’ve given us in CrimeSpot. It’s such a valuable resource. Thank you.

    Tribe, what to say to someone who has encouraged so many writers to experiment with their words and to grow as craftsmen? Thank you.

  2. Graham

    Thanks for all the love, JT. Pari, it was really nice to meet you at ConMisterio, and I hope to eventually get around to meeting everyone. Thanks again!

  3. Guyot

    I’ve never met Graham, but he’s owe a big thanks for all his hard work and dedication.

    So many of us take his work for granted, making our surfing lives easier.

    Thanks, Graham!

  4. Mike MacLean

    Thanks Graham for all the hard work. Not many would put in the time and effort that you do.

    And thanks to Tribe for Flashing in the Gutters—truly one of the coolest sites around. I wish you weren’t going. Flashing will be missed.


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