Thank You 2009 For….

by Brett Battles


…another great year with my kids

…the good health of my family

…marking the passing of my grandfather…at nearly 98, he lived a long and great life, so this is said in complete sincerity.

…my friends

…all the old friends I’d lost track of over the years and have reconnected with via the internet.

…my career

For everything, really….the good and the bad as it all helps to shape us into who were are.


Some requests for 2010….


A smooth transition as my son moves from junior high to high school (hard enough for regular kids, extra stressful for one with Down Syndrome.)

A smooth transition for my oldest daughter from sixth grade to junior high…and a wish that she’ll finally gain a love of reading.

And for my youngest daughter who does have a love of reading, a deepening of that.

As the economic improves, an improvement in book sales across the board

And, in general, happiness and health for all.


And, finally, big thank you not to 2009, but to all the Murderati gang, contributors and readers alike, for another wonderful year.

Enjoy the weekend, be safe, then let’s do it all again in 2010!

10 thoughts on “Thank You 2009 For….

  1. Dana King

    Thanks for this. After all the whining about what a crappy year 2009 was, it’s nice to see someone acknowledge it wasn’t all bad.

    As the Black Knight said, "I’ve had worse."

  2. Karen in Ohio

    The whole decade was bizarre, starting with 9/11, two wars, and all kinds of other nonsense. Personally, we didn’t do badly, but I’m ready for a shiny new year. What we do with it is up to us, though.

    Thank you all for sharing yourselves so generously, and for all the wonderful writing you do. Best wishes for a wonderful new decade for all of you.

  3. TerriMolina

    Great way to end the year, Brett. Good luck to your son in high school. I know exactly how you feel. My daughter has CP and with every transition it was a nail biter, especially since we moved a lot in the early years. Then the big move from Houston to Az the middle of her freshman year. But, she did very well. One thing I’ve noticed since she started school is that the other kids are a lot more tolerant of the "special need" children at least in our case. Of course, could also be because I make a point to make an appearance at her school and scare the bejeezes our of anyone who dares to threaten my kids. haha

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Pete

    I just want to wish everybody a very happy 2010. May the upcoming year be better than the last, and I look forward to reading everyone’s stories in the new year.

    Happy blogging in 2010!

  5. PK the Bookeemonster

    2009 wasn’t the best year for me: one year and two weeks of unemployment, a week-long hospital stay and all the encumbant bills and doctor visits and meds and not able to be mobile for a few months, my best friend going crazy and telling me to go to h***….
    But it has ended on a good note with a job I like and a much better appreciation for things in my life. And always books and the great reading community with whom to share the love of them.
    For 2010:
    I have hopes that my job will become permanent, there are many good reads coming my way, I am surrounding myself with positive people, and the universe provides.
    I hope everyone on this blog and its readers have a year of wonderful choices. 🙂


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