Take A Break

by Pari Noskin Taichert

Swimming_kidsAh, you can tell it’s summer. Squeals of kids splashing in swimming pools punctuate the growls of lawn mowers in the early evening. Bees buzz in our garden (Yes, New Mexico is blessedly free of colony collapse disorder.) The scents of honeysuckle and sunblock mix with melting asphalt.

For me, summer has always been a time to regroup, to lay back a little and change the pattern, to take my nose out of books or away from the computer. My kids force me to do that more this time of year because they’re around. I can’t hide anywhere for long.

Gecko_3 We’ve got two new members of the household, too — "Aztec" the leopard gecko and "Audrey" the Chilean rose-hair tarantula.Tarantula_3  With all of the excitement of adoption, I can hardly be expected to come up with anything too profound.

I did write two posts: one about writer’s discipline (which will be timely enough any Monday this summer) and one that wondered why some books get multi-million dollar PR campaigns while others languish in warehouses.

Eee gad, both required far too much thought. Ooof. 

So, let’s goof off.

Mike MacLean did this a couple of weeks ago and I still haven’t forgiven him (or the people who posted all of those great YouTube links.)

Here’s my contribution to your watermelon-eating, margarita-drinking, sun-drenched summer fun: 

1. See commercial slogans in an entirely different light.

2. Who hasn’t secretly wanted to whack a penguin? This is just the thing when it gets too hot outside. Click on the Yeti to get things going.

3. What kind of personality do you really have. Draw a picture and find out.

4. One of my favorite stores in the world (Yes, Fran, it’s true.) I enjoy their products, but adore their catalog copy. I just know the writers had fun with ’em.

5. Make your own Bollywood movie. Come on. Don’t be shy. Type in the subtitles and select the movie, then click on the "play" symbol. You can even send the movie to friends.

And for those of you who don’t mind foul language . . . Here’s a place where you can lift any webpage and have it translated into snoop-dog/jive. Type in the url in the blank located mid-page.

I don’t want to overwhelm today. Have fun. Play. Share your favorites in the comments.

I’m off to make a batch of gazpacho . . .

12 thoughts on “Take A Break

  1. pari

    B.G.I couldn’t access the bubble game, but did crash the helicopter several times. Since I’m not yet an expert, I got to about 35 ft.

    Bryon,Do you really hate spiders? While I don’t like them crawling on me, I love to watch them and love what they do for the environment.

    At the beginning of our marriage, my husband had two tarantulas, two “pet” black widows (named after former girlfriends), five snakes, four emperor scorpions, a turtle, and a cat. He raised mice for many of those creatures’ food.

    I’m just grateful we’re down to a dog, gecko and ONE tarantula.

    Anybody else have animal/insect fears . . .extreme dislikes?

  2. pari

    Oh, stop it, Simon. You’re working harder than most of us at this point. Think of the break as work, too. It’s certainly what you need to keep going.

    btw: I got the bubble game to work. It’s addictive once you get past the first couple of levels.

  3. Fran

    Archie McPhee’s! I LOVE Archie McPhee’s. But you knew that.

    I’m so arachnophobic it hurts. Except for tarantulas. I don’t like ’em, but you live in New Mexico enough, you get used to them. They don’t hurt anything and they eat flies.

    The black widow thing, though, is just wrong.

    Here’s a game that can make you nuts. Hint: take the red square down first.


  4. pari

    Fran,That game is evil.

    I once ordered something from AP and they got my name wrong. When I sent them a note with the next order, I got a really funny response; they made a customer for life.

    Re: tarantulas and other spiders:I’ve never seen a tarantula in the wild here. As far as black widows, I agree. It made me think twice about sweet hubby.

  5. Naomi

    Here’s my handwriting analysis according to bored.com:

    You fill your life with activity.You are ambitious.You are affectionate, sympathetic, passionate, and expressive.You are a talkative person.You are an independent person and do not depend other peoples’ opinions.

    If anyone does the Bollywood subtitles, e-mail the film to me at nhirahara@juno.com.

  6. JT Ellison

    I don’t know if anyone put Murderati the website through the translator at the bottom link, but it cracked me up. Fo Sur.

    Pari, just the right tone for today after the crazy BEA weekend. Thanks for the fun! And I’m with Bryon. No arachnids in the house, thank you very much.

  7. pari

    What is IT with spiders? Sheesh. I mean, you people write about grizzly murders, for heaven’s sake!

    Hey, Victor,You can smack my penguin anytime.

    Oh, baby.

    Naomi,That’s a fairly accurate analysis, isn’t it? Did you try one of the Bollywood films?


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