Sunday Smatterings

By J.T. Ellison

Hello, gentle readers! How’s your Sunday going? Ready for the Super Bowl? Have you started your tailgate yet? ‘Tis the season to make the perfect nachos. If you come up with a recipe, do send it this way, won’t you? I don’t have a dog in the hunt this year, so I’ll be watching for the commercials. Sound off on your favorites!

There was so. much. writing. at Chez Ellison this week. Looming travel plans have a way of speeding up progress toward my goals, and I was off to the races this week, had some very productive days, even found a fresh twist or two in the new standalone. That always makes this writer happy.


Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

“Crime fiction all boils down to this question…” said Ian Rankin in The Lit Hub. I think he’s right, too. Crime fiction matters, more than you might realize.

You’ve probably stood in the aisle of your local bookstore, poring over titles, trying to find something oddly specific, like a book set in a holiday other than Christmas. I get it—I’ve been there, too. We all know the impulse to read All the Things comes from a good place, from being a curious reader who wants to learn more about the world. But you know what? Sometimes these arbitrary goals we set… they’re just too much. My friend, fellow author Ariel Lawhon, decided she isn’t going to participate in a reading challenge this year. And I have to applaud her.

One of my favorite writer/bloggers, Dean Wesley Smith, recently had a good, somewhat paradoxical (to some) thought: in order to be a better storyteller, you need to… write faster.

Audiobooks are all the rage these days. How could they not be? They’re super portable with a fantastic price, perfect for travel or workouts or household chores. If you’re new to the wide world of audiobooks, let Modern Mrs. Darcy take you by the hand—she explains all things Audible and will have you listening to good stuff in no time. Rosamund Pike reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is perfection.

And closer to home:

Time for a giveaway! Head over to Goodreads and enter to win a copy of FIELD OF GRAVES, plus my favorite romance novel (which will only be revealed to the winners… 💕).

February is a lovely month for the gluten eaters—because it’s the return of Girl Scout Cookie Month! And what better way to end the day than a Girl Scout cookie and the perfect wine pairing? The Wine Vixen has the scoop.

Assistant Amy began her new monthly blog series, “Words from The Kerr,” this week. Ever wondered what Amy does for me? She gave the scoop on a few of her activities.

That’s it from me! Call your mom and tell her hi, go get your nails done, play some golf (even if it’s cold), and we’ll talk again soon.


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