Sunday Smatterings

By J.T. Ellison

Hey, friends, how’s tricks? You doing okay?

I’m plugging away, deep in writing mode as I prep for the LIE TO ME tour that’s coming up soon. It’s been a good writing week, actually—I’ve written my way past some tricky areas in Brit #5, which is always a great feeling when I can power through. I don’t believe in writer’s block, just bad plots. When I’m stuck for a couple of days, I take a breather, grab a couple of margaritas with my husband, and together we can usually hash out whatever the problem is. It’s a beautiful thing.

Y’all ready for some links?

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

Anyone want to buy a bookstore? Seattle Mystery Bookshop is up for sale. I have long admired this great store from afar, and I’m beyond thrilled to be signing there for my first time in a couple of weeks—but heartbroken the store is up for sale. I’d love to see it live on.

The email app that delights. I am a big fan of the Newton Mail client. Clean, minimalist, and easy to read and respond. What more do you need? Well, Windows fans, they are available for you now, too!

Harry Potter Nerds Rejoice: 2 New ‘History of Magic’ Books Coming This Fall. I’ll take more Harry Potter any way I can get it, thank you very much.

Harry Potter-themed store opens in Toronto. And speaking of HP, I know where I’m making a pit stop when I’m in Toronto this fall… (y’all, Toronto even has an HP-themed bar!

A new-to-me travel tool: If you’re looking for a cheap getaway, this site may help.

Here’s How Many Books You Could Read Every Month If You Cut Back Time Spent on Your Smartphone. Just a tech PSA. If you read your books on your phone, you are excused.

18 Tiny “Game Of Thrones” Details You Might Have Missed First Time Round. This season of GoT, we’re getting all kinds of payoffs. This list may help you remember some nuggets you’ve forgotten so you can enjoy what’s happening on the screen even more. #dragons

7 Reasons Slow Reading Is Actually A Good Thing, Because Being A Speed Reader Is Overrated. In case you needed a morale boost for that book it’s taking you forever to finish. Read to your comfort speed, no more.

And closer to home:

Have you added LIE TO ME to Goodreads?

Have you added LIE TO ME to Goodreads? One of the easiest ways you can (1) make sure you’re ready for LIE TO ME’s release and (2) help spread the word about my new book is to put it on your Goodreads shelf. Why’s that? The more people who shelve the book on Goodreads, the more Goodreads will suggest it to new readers: it’s a win-win situation! Speaking of Goodreads, my friend Debbie is running a LIE TO ME bookclub there in September and October, and you can join in. Trust me, you may want someone to talk about this book with when you finish. The more, the merrier!

That’s it from me. Y’all enjoy the eclipse (and make sure you wear your eclipse glasses, pretty please), eat some fresh honeydew, read a good book, and we’ll talk again soon.


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