Sometimes . . .

by Pari

Too much to do
Too much going on
Too much to manage
Too much to feel

Each day a chasm of shoulds and oughts
Each day a trial born of sorrows and nots
My heart a platter of food run cold
My body sensing each cell grown old

And yet, in a moment, of unforeseen clarity
A thought, still nascent, nurtures a true soul charity
Could it be?
Will it I rue?

Pari, do it now. Go to the zoo!

I search the hours of vacation time earned.
I finish one project, avoid starting two.
I sigh, my fingers bent round the ergonomic mouse.
What folly this? To what insanity succumbed?

I run to the car ere my mind might change,
My face the red of a woman deranged.
Quick unlock the lock and click the belt!
Hands gripping a steering wheel the sun yearns to melt.

Will this risk leave me burned
Work piling higher, tasks undone, unconfirmed?
Oh! So much to think!
Oh! So much to do.

But sometimes, I just have to go to the zoo!


Today’s questions:

What do you do to relax on a beautiful day?
When was the last time you gave yourself a break?

5 thoughts on “Sometimes . . .

  1. Brian

    For me writing is like a day at the zoo. I don't run from it because it is an occupation, I embrace it because it is me.

  2. Pari Noskin

    A break for me is doing something outside of the 8-5 job and normal obligations.

    I can so relate, but right now my occupation isn't writing — that's my vocation and it needs to be fit into larger obligations. I look forward to a day when I can write full time again. I'm so glad you can . . . and are.

  3. Reine

    Hi Pari,

    I hear that some authors earn enough income to support themselves with the sale of their books, but I have never heard an author say that. I take that back. I heard JK Rowling say that in response to a question regarding her wring her novel, The Casual Vacancy. The essence of what she said was that she could now afford to fail.

    I know that writers like to call writing a craft. While there is craft involved, writing fiction is a creative art. Writers as artists, like all other artists, will be always be vulnerable to the questionable practices of some who stand to profit.

    Pari, I have enjoyed reading your books very, very much and love your characters. They are different and fun. I wish you more success in your writing — much more.


  4. Pari Noskin

    I just stopped by and found your note. Thank you so much. I am sure I'll get back to my fiction. Pressures from without — including the ongoing divorce — are just not conducive to the kind of creativity for which I yearn.

    I bet you understand.

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