Shameless LCC Photos Pt. 2

by Pari Noskin Taichert

Welcome to another edition of LCC 2007 as seen through the food-poisoned eyes of your intrepid convention goer. I won’t bother with pre-picture narrative; you can find that on last Friday’s post.

Ready . . . set . . . GO!

P1010014_1 Michael "The Saint" Kovacs. You’ll see why I included this gem by himself when you look at the next photo. Michael is one half of the Kovacs team that helps moderate and maintain DorothyL.

P1010015 On the right is Diane Kovacs, one of the Fan GofHs. I’m sad I didn’t get a snap of Kara Robinson.  If you google either woman, you’ll find a wealth of info on them and their specialties. Right now, I just want to say, "thank you."

P1010016 l — the legendary St. Martin’s editor Ruth Cavin 
r — Barbara Franchi of Reviewing the Evidence fame.

P1010017_1 Michael Siverling and Elaine Flinn guffaw in the bar. I met Michael for the first time at LCC. I hope our paths cross more often now. BTW: I have another photo of Evil E and Guyot, but plan to use it for blackmail.

P1010018 l to r
Hailey Lind, Leanne Sweeney, Deborah Donnelly, Susan Slater

Along with moderator Claire Matturo, these ladies came to the conclusion that the protags in chick lit have evolved from bubble-headed, fashion-obsessed ditzes to smart women who have senses of humor and can do more than worry about love. Why has there never been as much made of dick lit?

P1010020 Lee Killough is one of the best — and, appallingly, least noticed — writers I know. Her KILLER KARMA is one of my favorite books of all time. Her ability to world build and to make us believe her characters no matter what their form, well, it’s nothing short of astounding.

At LCC, she gave an individual workshop that should have been attended by every writer and would-be writer at the con.


This is one of those cases where a panel shot just doesn’t convey the fun of the experience. l to r : moderator David Corbett, Troy Cook, Kate Flora, Eric Stone and Colin Campbell

The panel topic about real life vs fiction provided many jumping points for fascinating descriptions of these fine writers’ actual experiences and their struggles to ensure that nothing becomes trivalized or overwrought in their fiction. Great discussion.

P1010025 Gillian Roberts (aka Judy Greber) at dinner at Wild Ginger. Yep. This was the meal I’d been dreaming of  — before going to Seattle.

P1010026 This may not be the most flattering picture of Susan Dunlap, but it does capture a tad of her intelligence. What it doesn’t show is her equally fine, wry wit.

P1010027Now, this is a decent picture of Louise Ure. I also have a blackmail photo of her. Contact me privately . . . 

P1010028Back in the bar . . .

Brian Wiprud with Jenifer Nightingale-Ethier

After four full days of conventioning, they both look amazingly fresh. No?

P1010032_1 This really irks me . . . I don’t know the name of the man in this photo. If anyone does, will you please post it in the comments??

l to r:  Mystery man, Deni Dietz, Christine Kling

I was on my way out of the bar for the first time that night when I shot this photo.

P1010033 Mary Saums and Merlot. I’m sad not to have hung out with the 4MA group this time around. Well, I’ll have to remedy that in Denver.

So concludes the pictures for LCC. I hope you enjoyed them. As always, I wish I’d taken more — and that those I clicked had been of better quality.



19 thoughts on “Shameless LCC Photos Pt. 2

  1. Pari Noskin Taichert


    Where is everybody today?

    It’s raining in ABQ. I’ve got a sick kid. Rather than stay home, I have to go to an interview with a bunch of architects this morn. I know she’ll be all right, but she’s sure miserable right now. Poor thing.

    So, I’m feeling lonely and blue.

    If there are no comments by the time I come back, I’m gonna come get ya (heh heh heh).

  2. Louise Ure

    Mornin’ Pari!

    Thanks for all the photos. They make me realize how many folks I missed at LCC. Folks I would like to have caught up with.

    And I downloaded the menu from Wild Ginger. It describes each dish and gives all the ingredients. I’m foolishly thinking it will provide everything I need to make those fabulous dishes myself.

  3. Elaine Flinn

    I’m late, but I’m here! Great photos, Pari – except for one. Ye Gods! My double chin is exposed for all the world to see. 🙂 But Michael Siverling had me laughing so much I don’t really care. What a terrific guy.

    Oh, and speaking of photos? Uh, the blackmail one? We can talk, huh? I mean…

    Hope your daughter will be up and well by the time you get home.

  4. Alex Sokoloff

    Sorry you’re feeling down, sweetie. It IS still winter, isn’t it? Hope you and daughter are better by now.

    Wild Ginger was AMAZING. I’m not a foodie, but the Chilean sea bass was one of the top ten things I’ve ever eaten in my life, I think.

  5. Deni Dietz

    I’m here, Pari (waving from Vancouver Island). I may not always comment, but I never – ever – miss reading your Monday posts. Nor those of my other Murderati friends.

    It’s just that I’m still trying to learn how to, gasp of horror, then whisper, “multi-task.”

    As we speak, I’m editing a terrific crime fiction, “Death of a Lovable Geek” (the sequel to “Death of an Obnoxious Tourist) – due out from Five Star next year. At the same time, I’m writing my Dead Guy blog for tomorrow (more LCC, more pics) AND cooking up some motzo balls to go with my homemade chicken broth. Someone who is beautiful, talented and very generous – her initials are P.N.T. – toted 3 boxes of motzo ball mix (for moi) to Seattle because I can’t find them in my neck of the woods/island.

    Oh, and I’m writing one more chapter . . . okay, a few more pages . . . of my WIP.

    How I admire (whisper) multi-taskers.

    btw, I’m sending some cyber chix soup to your sick daughter. Give her a big hug and tell her I hope she feels better real soon!

  6. Pari Noskin Taichert

    Whew! At least I got a couple of takers.

    Louise,You’re welcome. That dinner was ab-fab. Thank you for inviting me to tag along.

    Elaine,The bmail photo is of you and Guyot — over exposed, uncomplimentary. I’m waiting until your first Edgar or ITW award to post it.

    Re: my daughterHer fever is at 102.6 — that’s the highest she’s ever had. I’ll be taking her to the doc either this afternoon or evening.

    Alex,The sun came out and my mood brightened. Still very worried about my girl, though.

    I did have a wonderful interview with an architect and a developper who are doing fascinating things with urban infill in ABQ and Santa Fe (as well as other parts of the country). A very cool and uplifting subject.

    Deni,Great to see you here today! Who the heck is that guy with you in the photo?

    Yes, the boxes of matzo ball mix made it to Seattle. I’m so glad they weren’t confiscated by TSA for some obscure reason.

    And, I think that cyber soup might be the only kind she could keep down right now.

    Again . . . poor thing.

  7. Naomi

    This has nothing to do with LCC, but I just heard a news report that ABQ is the healthiest city in the nation. (I think this has to do with patient/hospital ratios, and other stuff I can’t remember.) The worst is Las Vegas.

  8. Pari Noskin Taichert

    We could use some of that health over at our house today, Naomi.

    Actually, with our great weather, high altitude and moderate-to-low population density, this town offers many opportunities for healthy activities.

    I still contend that it’s a wonderfully kept secret.

    BTW: Did I mention that I just got the blurb for SOCORRO from the First Lady of New Mexico? Her husband, Bill Richardson, is running for president. I suspect he’ll yank up NM’s visibility quite a bit come 2008.

  9. Pari Noskin Taichert

    If it makes any difference, I asked her if she’d read the manuscript well before Gov. Richardson announced his “exploratory” status for the presidency. It’ll be an interesting year if he decides to go whole-hog.

    He’s a very smart man. But just like my little ‘ol books from the University of NM Press, Bill Richardson isn’t as well known as some of his peers in the Demo party. So, we’ll see.

    Either way, her blurb is really, really good and I’m glad she enjoyed it so much.

    So . . . on the jacket cover I’ll have a Tony Hillerman blurb and hers.

    I’ve sure come a long way from feeling “ghettoized” for being a “regional writer” to embracing the label.

  10. JT Ellison

    Hi Pari,So sorry to be so late to the party, I’ve been off putting out a fire and it’s been a long day.

    But yours sounds much worse. Poor thing. I hope your baby is better soon and everything returns to normal. We’re approaching the end of the winter of our discontent. I hope.

    Embracing the label — woman, you’re perfect. To start with a nomination, then get a second, then have the not-yet-out third book be an acclaimed hit… I’m proud to know you and to watch it all from afar. Will you come back to Nashville on tour, do you think?

    I ran into Robbie from B&N, he told me how much he enjoyed THE CLOVIS INCIDENT.

    Be well.xo

  11. Pari Noskin Taichert

    Hey, J.T.,It looks like a real Murderati comment kind ‘o’ day.

    I hope that fire is put out for good, m’dear.

    My daughter is up and moving around a little now . . . so I know that the ibuprofen has kicked in. We’ll take her to the doc tonight.

    “Acclaimed hit”? Well, that’s stretching it, even for a cheerleader. But, the book is getting some good reviews and I’m pleased that both of the blurb-ers say it’s my best work yet. That feels good.

    As to visiting Nashville . . . heck yeah, if it makes sense and you and my other friends will be there.


    If you see Robbie, tell him, “Thanks.”

  12. Lois

    Thanks for the pics of LCC. One of these days I’ll have to overcome my discomfort and venture into the bar, instead of counting on y’all to report on what I’m missing. I also had an amazing meal at Wild Ginger. Looking forward to your next book!

  13. Troy Cook

    Hi Pari,

    I read Murderati faithfully but do not always venture out of lurkdom.

    Great pics, except you made me way too small. I’m short enough as it is.

    As always, I enjoyed LCC very much and just got back from Murder in the Magic City–an absolutely fantastic small conference.


  14. Pari Noskin Taichert

    Rob and Troy,Thanks for the shout-outs.

    I know many folks stop by and lurk, I was just pouting yesterday because of the sick child. My kid’s still sick today, but I’m in better shape.

    Troy, isn’t Murder in the Magic City just wonderful? I absolutely loved it AND Murder on the Menu the next day. Both absolutely marvelous.


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