Shameless LCC Photos Pt 1

by Pari Noskin Taichert  (J.T. took my Monday this week. I’m returning the favor now.)

Mystery conventions are always exhausting.

Even more so when you get food poisoning.

Almost my entire experience of this year’s LCC had a flattening haze born of tainted hotel Cioppino. I don’t know if the scallops or the fish got to me, but something sure did. Though I recovered enough to function, the edge of exhaustion and dis-ease never completely lifted.

Of course, everyone knows that alcohol will kill any nasty microorganisms and I made sure to assist the process by parking myself in the hotel bar most evenings. Hence the pix below will not be the most flattering of my subjects — but they convey a bit of the joy of seeing old friends, making new acquaintances, and reveling in the conviviality of our mystery community.

A few seminal moments weren’t digitized: meeting Barry Eisler (and having him mispronounce my name), getting to really know my ‘rati pals much better, eating breakfast with a wonderful group of women called the Mystery Babes, hanging out with the incomparable Craig Johnson and his wife, the magnificent signing at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop . . .  Meeting Gabriella Herkert — her book will be available from NAL this fall.

A couple things DIDN’T happen — I didn’t get to see half of the people I intended to see, didn’t get to meet half of the people I’d hoped to meet, didn’t get to go to an eighth of the panels I’d hoped to attend . . .

My gratitude to the convention organizers, volunteers and attendees who gave this LCC its distinctive flavor and character. I just wish I’d followed Naomi Hirahara’s lead and not finished my damn bowl of tepid soup that first night.

P1010002_1 Ohhhhhhh, it’s sooooooo dark. See what I mean about lousy photos? Well, if you look very hard, you’ll find Phil Hawley and the gorgeous Alex Sokoloff. Of course this photo does neither one of them justice.

While praying to the porcelain gods after this dinner, I consoled myself with the knowledge that Dr. Hawley could probably help me if the food poisoning progressed much further.

P1010003 Could Simon Wood be any cuter? Yeah, I know he doesn’t have red eyes . . . but they’re kind of becoming. No?P1010004

The lovely, Edgar-nominated Naomi Hirahara and her quiet, magnificent hubby Wes.

P1010007 In the forefront is Sam Reaves, an unassuming novelist of many accomplishments. In the background is Keith Raffel. I met Keith in Austin at Con Misterio and have followed his writing career with much admiration. He’s another extremely smart guy who has achieved astounding success in one career and plans to translate it to another. He brought his daughter to LCC and she’s obviously going to continue to make both of her parents very proud.P1010008 

Why does Troy Cook always take such good photos? Damn him.

P1010011 From l to r
The marvelous Mary Saums, miracle worker Margery Flax from MWA, and Sheila Lowe. I adore each of these women in different ways. Mary is a fine writer and staunch defender of cozies. Margery is an incredible mystery enthusiast who now brings such class and order to our professional organization. I met Sheila years ago when she dreamed of being a published novelist. Now, it’s happened. How cool is that? (Sorry about the layout of the text here . . . I still am flummoxed by Typepad’s "text wrap" at times.)

P1010013 Okay, I lied. I spent some time out of the bar. Among the happy eating experiences in Seattle was one at Jasmine. Here, the lighting was better, too.

l — Deborah Donnelly, great author and even better friend.

r — Carola Dunn, great author and witty lunch companion.

Several more photos await this blog, but I’ll hold off on them until Monday when I begin posting at my regular time.

See you then . . .

14 thoughts on “Shameless LCC Photos Pt 1

  1. Naomi


    Sorry to hear about the food poisoning! I had no idea. Maybe we should followed through on our gut feeling (“gee, this isn’t that hot”) and sent the cioppino back. Food wise, that evening was cursed. But guyot seemed to take everything in stride. He’s a lot more zen than I expected.

  2. Pari Noskin Taichert

    Naomi,Elaine has told me for years how wonderful Guyot is – – and I only partially believed her. Now I know that he maintains that gruff noirish edge in his writing to protect the sweet stuff beneath.

    Alex,I saw that, too. So, let me amend my comment above: He’s a tiger when someone has been wronged.

    Louise,I wonder how many other people got hit that night? It’s scary to think about.

    As to the pix:There will be another, better batch on Monday.

  3. Keith Raffel

    Pari,Oh! Didn’t know about the food poisoning. Sorry. Makes me glad I don’t eat treyf. I know my memory isn’t what it used to be, but shouldn’t I remember the astounding success you ascribe to me?

  4. Pari Noskin Taichert

    Naomi,I remember looking at your bowl after I’d gulped down every last drop of my soup. About 2/3 of your meal was still there. That’s what I get for being a glutton.

    Keith,Success is in the eyes of the beholder .

  5. JT Ellison

    Pari, so glad your home! We missed all of you so much, and envy your time together. Next con!

    This is why I only eat toast and cheese at conferences. If there is a stomach bug lurking about, it will find me, introduce itself warmly, and spend the next three days molesting me.

    Glad you’re better, and thanks for the pictures!!!!!xo

  6. Elaine Flinn

    So why didn’t you guys listen to me and order the pasta?? See? No one pays any attention to me…guess it’s just that I’m not memorable.

    But, hell – that’s okay – I can handle being a bump on the log. I’m going back to bed now.

    Great photos, Pari – and even greater was being with all of you.

  7. Pari Noskin Taichert

    Wow. It’s a Murderati conversation day.

    J.T.,It’s good to be home! I love to travel, but these two trips were too much at once. I feel like that old Far Side cartoon with the enormous-headed kid in class. He’s got his hand up and says something to the effect, “Mrs. Jones? May I be excused? My head’s full.”

    Elaine,You’re a mom. You know that kids rarely pay attention to parents until they get slammed. I love seafood. I adore seafood. I thought Seattle — being near the ocean — might have good seafood.

    Silly me.

  8. simon

    That certainly was a weird food experience. I didn’t get sick, but my food had been sitting on a different table for 20 minutes until I asked where it was…

  9. simon

    That certainly was a weird food experience. I didn’t get sick, but my food had been sitting on a different table for 20 minutes until I asked where it was…

  10. Pari Noskin Taichert

    Simon,Maybe that’s what happened to my Cioppino. Perhaps it had been sitting somewhere for a day or two . . . just waiting.

    BTW: I loved hearing you, Louise and Guyot talk cars and racing. This is an entire world that is so foreign to me.

    Well, except for my happy experiences with the Macao Gran Prix. But, that was fun because of the drivers . . .


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