If you were expecting a Q & A with Evil E – I’m sorry to disappoint you – because it ain’t gonna happen.  What?  Do you think I’m crazy?   Besides – who was gonna add my usual pithy comments?  But what the hell – I put my photo up anyway.

But – I am ‘On The Bubble’ today.   To say goodbye.

I’m not a cliché person, however, ‘All good things must come to an end’ seems appropriate. Other commitments require my full attention now, and the time constraints of weekly contributions to On The Bubble can no longer be offered with my usual brilliance and alacrity.

It’s been a marvelous year here at Murderati, and I’ve had great fun with all of you – and of course – with some of the best and brightest writers and reviewers around.  Brave souls all – and great sports who braved the danger in the basement as they descended those dark stairs and never once turned on the light as they willingly played with me at On The Bubble.

So (and in alpha order) may I offer my thanks again to: 

Raymond Benson, Cara Black, Stephen Booth, Jim Born, Robin Burcell, Barry Eisler, J.T. Ellison, Robert Fate, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Tess Gerritson, Chris Grabenstein, Paul Guyot, Denise Hamilton, John Hart, Gregg Hurwitz, Alex Kava, Bob Levinson, Laura Lippman, Gayle Lynds, David Montgomery, Donna Moore, P.J. Parrish, Ian Rankin, Linda Richards, Gillian Roberts, Jim Rollins, M.J. Rose, Dylan Schaffer, Alexandra Sokoloff, Pari Noskin-Taichert, Louise Ure, James Lincoln Warren and Chassie West.

My thanks also to Gar Haywood for his wonderful guest blog last week.  Oh, to be so gifted…

And to those wonderful writers and friends who had been waiting in the wings – my apologies for not staying around long enough to give you grief.  So – Heather Graham, Lee Child, David Morrell, Val McDermid, Steve Brewer, David Corbett, Dominic Stansbury, Dan Hale, Shaz Wheeler, Ali Karim, Ken Bruen and Lee Goldberg – drinks are on me at ThrillerFest!  Uh, just the first round.

Many, many thanks for stopping by each week.  YOU – and my wonderful guests – have made the trip loads of fun – and so very worthwhile.


36 thoughts on “ON THE BUBBLE WITH…ME

  1. pari

    Oh, Elaine,Darn it!

    OTB has been such fun to read (and I know it took tremendous work to make it seem so . . . je ne sais quoi).

    We’ll miss you tremendously here at Murderati. I’ll echo B.G.’s hopes that you won’t be a stranger on the ‘net.

    With all my heart, I wish you every single success you desire. May each one be only the beginning of unanticipated marvels.

  2. Elaine Flinn

    Hey, you guys…you’re gonna make me cry here.:)

    Cara? You buying? It doesn’t even have to be Dom either…Crystal will do.:)

    Hedda Hopper? Oh…I love that.

    New York it is, Rae…

    But you ain’t seeing the last of me…I’ll be checking in to give the gang hell now and then…

    And damn, Twist! I’d meant to get you On The Bubble too!

  3. JLW

    Jesus Christ, people. This isn’t a funeral. Elaine isn’t going anywhere–she’s just given up a witty column to devote herself to her witty books instead. So the best thing to do is run out and buy a copy of the latest Molly Doyle.

    I’m not going to miss her at all, because I have no intention of losing touch. The column, yes–but just thing of what ELSE is now going to be coming out of that fabulous pen!

  4. Sharon Wheeler

    Waah! Going to miss my Wednesday fix! Good luck, Elaine — and I’ll be claiming that drink when we finally meet up in person . . .

  5. Tom, T.O.

    “I thing”–isn’t that a new Apple product? Or do I have it confused with THE “I thing”–a book of Chinese. . ., no, no, sorry–the beginning of a Walt Whitman poem: “I thing the body electric. . .” or something.

    Yes, your appearances here, E.E.F., will definitely be missed.

    Fare thee well.

  6. Elaine Flinn

    Oh, JLW!! Is it any wonder you’re one of my secret loves?

    And thanks to Tom as well…and Shaz…and…and…

    I feel like Sally Field…and my in-box is bursting with notes from lurkers…so until I can reply to all of you – Many, many thanks. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    I’ll pop back in an hour or so – got some errands to do. I mean, hell – would I miss all this grand attention?

  7. JT Ellison

    Remind me not to leave town again, eh, Evil? I was so sad to hear your news, and will miss you terribly. OTB was a unique, precious part of Murderati. The column, and you, will be sorely missed. Please come back often, okay?xo

  8. Elaine Flinn


    Yes, it has been a strange trip.:) But it’s been fun and now – as you so nicely said – I’ll have a chance to get back to my ‘real’ stuff. Thanks for hanging in there with me. You too…(as you know)…are one of my secret loves.

    How could I NOT love you, Guyot & JLW? Was it Mae West who sang -‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’? Alas, she never had the chance to meet the three of you.

  9. The Editor From Hell

    I’m terribly sorry my dear Evil E, but you simply can’t stop writing “On The Bubble”. A hiatus is one thing – you certainly deserve it – but stopping all together? That’s not an option. There are just too few writers with your spirit, elan, talent, generosity and ebulient humor.

    You’ve only yourself to blame, you know. All you had to do was be a lousy interviewer, but you just had to be so damned good!

    Please keep in touch – and I mean that! I look forward to the next Molly Doyle book as well, and will patiently await your return to the interviewer’s chair.

  10. Elaine Flinn

    Oh,crap! How could I have missed thanking ‘The Editor From Hell’ for his/her interview?? What a way to go out, huh?

    My sincere apologies, ‘Editor’ – and my thanks for being so gracious and not reminding me of my bad manners. I very much appreciate your compliments – and hope that one of these days we’ll meet. I’d love to keep in touch – but how?? Oh, I get it – you’ll have your people get in touch with mine? 🙂 Please do. I’d love to meet you!

  11. Cornelia Read

    Elaine, your posts have brightened each and every week for me, this past year… I hope this turns out to be just a “Take Five,” and that we get you back online soon. In the meantime, here’s a virtual toast (in JD, of course) to your fine work here, and a basket of wishes that you have happy trails until we see you again here at Murderati.

  12. Ali

    Hey, whoah EF, …………well that means dinner and drinks on me at Thrillerfest –

    Anyway, that’ll give you more time on the writing and reviewing at DP –

    Elaine you’re too cool!

    Love and Hugs



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