Touted (and rightfuly so) as the master of psychological suspense – with six blockbuster books-a short story in ‘Thriller’s (ITW Anthology) – over three million books and published in twenty-two countries – could it happen to a nicer gal?   If you don’t believe me – just pick up Alex’s newest – A NECESSARY EVIL and when you can’t turn off the lights when you go to bed – just don’t blame it on me.

We had a little chat , and here’s what Alex had to say:

EE:  I was wondering if that music on your website is what you play whilst you scare the heck out of us.

AK:  It’s absolutely impossible for me to write with any music playing or I start singing along, humming,tapping, dancing – none of which is a pretty sight.  I prefer silence or I can’t hear the voices.  We all hear voices, right?

Uh, yes …but not quite as scary as you hear!

EE:  Word is, Alex, that Ralph Lauren has been badgering you to be his new’ Florida Face’, but you’be been putting him off.  What’s the lowdown on that?

AK:  Ralph refused to replace that little embroidred polo player with a Westie.  How can you reason with a man who doesn’t see that trend coming?  (By the way, I happen to have three Westies.)

Well, hells bells, I don’t blame you at all.  No sense in being behind the curve.  Three Westies?  Oh, I love those little critters!   

EE:  Other than writing those mega-best sellers, which talent would you most like to have?  Don’t tell us you’re still hoping to go on the poker tour either, okay?

AK:  Scorpion killer!  I actually tried it at this year’s ThrillerFest.  (Seriously, I found one in my cottage.) But I was told squeezing a scorpion between a Kleenex with your bare fingers is NOT the way it’s done.  In my defense, it was the closest weapon I had available at the time.

You could have shown the scorpion the cover of your new book – it would have keeled over with fright!

EE:  We all have a fiction heroine, or hero – so other than Mrs. Danvers and Heathcliff, who might they be?

AK:  Scout Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Ohh, yes.  Wonderful choice!

EE:  Here’s a killer question – who would be your ideal panel mates?

AK:  That’s a tough one.  Over the years I’ve had the privilege of being on panels with some incredible authors.  Maybe it’d be fun to take some of my favorites and combine them into one panel: Peter Robinson, Laura Lippman, William Kent Krueger, Gregg Hurwitz and Lee Child.

We could sell tickets to that one!

EE:  My new spy hit me with a real juicy tidbit.  He swears up and down he saw you and Tess Gerritsen in a huddle with Dominick Dunne at ThrillerFest.  So…what was that all about, hmmm?

AK:  For those who might not know, Tess did an autopsy at this year’s ThrillerFest.  Now just think on those same lines for next year but add Dominick to the mix…well, I hate to spoil the surprise.  As a hint I’ll tell you that Tess needed to use some of my research I did for SPLIT SECOND on putting body parts in take-out containers.  Which by the way, a few weeks ago when the New York Times reviewed the ITW anthology, Thriller – that was my short story’s "Pie Topped With Spleen" that made it into the headline.  I couldn’t have been prouder.


EE:  Excuse me for a minute.  I need to take a deep breath.  Okay.  I’m fine now.  Uh, so, Alex, uh…I’m almost afraid to ask, but which writer would you love to have all to yourself in a cozy corner of the bar?

AK:  Jack Reacher.  And don’t tell me he wasn’t there this year, because I know I saw him.  Oh, wait, you said writer, not character.  Hmmm….I’ll have to think on that one.

Whew.  Lee?  Pssst…think ‘Pie Topped With Spleen’ if she finds you, okay?

EE:  We all have a Walter Mitty dream or two – what’s yours?  Keep it clean, and under 50,000 words.

AK:  But I thought I just answered that in the question above?  Jack Reacher all to myself in a cozy corner of the bar.

Oh, right.  Sorry.  Yes, you did say Reacher.  Well, I’m sure he’d be delighted.

EE:  Okay, Alex – get serious, okay?  So – if you were to plan a special dinner party, say – six guests – dead or alive – who would they be and what would you serve?

AK:  Me prepare dinner for six guests?  What are you, nuts?

Thank God you don’t cook!  I was ready for you to say ‘Pie Topped With Spleen’!!

EE:  What book do you wish you’d written?

AK:  To Kill A Mockingbird – it’s still my all-time favorite.

You had me scared for a minute there.  I was afraid you were gonna say The Silence of the Lambs.

EE:  Rumors running around Thrillerville is that you turned down a small part in The Soprano’s.  Uh, why?  I mean, here you had an opportunity to play Tony’s biographer and you said ‘no’???

AK:  Umm…are you saying I didn’t get the part?  Because no one’s called me yet.

Uh, gosh, do you think it might be they read your short story in Thrillers?

EE:  Okay – last probing question, Alex:  Who would you love to do a book tour with?

AK:  You have to ask?  Jack Reacher.

I shoulda known!

Ladies and Gents of On The Bubble: A huge round of applause for Alex Kava!  A terrific writer, an absolutely delightful gal with a wacky sense of humor and more – and I didn’t even have to drag her here screaming and stomping her feet.  But, I must confess – the minute I found out she had three Westies – I decided to go easy on her.  I mean, Westies are cute as hell – but they can be very protective! 

Oh, by the way – check out Alex’s website!  It has to be one of the most creative author sites on the web!  It is truly a knock out.  http://www.alexkava.com

And – if you’re a member of International Thriller Writers – Alex is the Chief Award boss this year.  A call has gone out for judge volunteers for next year’s Thriller Award – so give her an email if you’d like to be considered.



  1. Beatrice Brooks

    I’ve been an Alex Kava fan for a long time, but had never seen her truly creative website. Thanks for the tour – I really enjoyed it. Do I have some Alex beach reads on my TBR pile…er, mountain? Yes! Cool. Thanks for bubbling with Elaine, Alex. It was fun meeting you.Hugs, Deni

  2. Pari

    Wow. Where the hell have I been for nearly a decade?

    Thank you, Elaine — for introducing me to Alex Kava. I adored her sense of humor, choice of dogs (I grew up with a Westie and a Scottie together– no wonder I like scotch), her choice of bar mates and, and, and . . .

    But, please, Alex, if we ever meet — let’s talk in the bar; I’m not sure I could get past the image of pie with spleen if we dined together.

  3. Pari

    I just remembered something. Tell Alex that she should never smash a scorpion without extreme caution. I know a guy in Albuquerque who used his shoe to smash one near his child. The liquid from the scorpion shot up into his eye and caused him tremendous pain for weeks.

  4. ali

    WELL DONE GANG!excellent peice – just love Alex Kava’s work, but it scares the pants off me! I was privilged to have finally me her!


  5. mary

    i need information about alex kava and a book. in all of her books,she writes about being stabbed by serial killer albert stucky, and how she had to watch while he killed several women. where is the book that these events take place? it is driving me nuts, as i have read all of alex kava books and can not find it anywhere. please help………. a


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