By Stephen Jay Schwartz

The day, she has arrived.  BEAT hits the stores this Tuesday, September 28.  In hardcover and trade paperback simultaneously.  So there will be two affordable paperbacks in the stacks at the same time.

And then there’s this little puppy, being released at the same time:

The audio book cover is just sexy enough to make your hair stand on end.

And this old friend…

Will be offered on Kindle at a very reduced price, in an effort to entice some readers who’ve been waiting for a deal.

And my publisher had me write a Hayden short story that we’ll be giving away FREE as an ebook.  Called “Crossing the Line,” the story takes us back to Hayden’s early days as a rookie on the force, when he’s just starting his time in Vice.  It depicts the moment his addiction first rears its ugly head.  A little ditty designed to introduce new readers to the world of Hayden Glass.

The big, fun event I’m doing is happening the night before Bouchercon, on Wednesday, October 13 at 7:00 pm.  It’s a launch from the Beat Museum in San Francisco, smack dab in the middle of North Beach, just around the corner from City Lights Bookstore. 

Everyone who’s in the vicinity is invited to come.  We’re expecting lots of people, mostly authors and attendees of Bouchercon, but also local poets and writers, policemen and FBI agents.  BEAT is set in San Francisco, so many of the folks who helped or consulted on the novel will be attending the event. 

I hope to see all my Murderati friends in San Francisco.  Until then I’m just going to dive into the euphoric chaos of T-minus four days and counting…

I want to thank you all for being so wonderful and loving and supportive and delightful during my one and only debut year.  Murderati has been my anchor through the whole experience.

The following are some of the nice things folks are saying about Beat….

“Just as I thought there wasn’t an original take left on the detective novel, along comes Stephen Jay Schwartz and Beat. Fast and slick, this book is a great ride!”

Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author of the Harry Bosch novels

“Stephen Jay Schwartz writes with a paintbrush and expertly guides us through the gates of hell into a world where sex and violence merge into a toxic yet highly addictive alternative reality. Hayden Glass is a character we’ve not seen before, with fiendish impulses and a desperate desire to overcome his past. This is one of the most darkly sexual books I’ve ever read and I devoured it in one suspenseful sitting. Schwartz pulled me in and held me captive from beginning to end.”

Katie Arnoldi, LA Times bestselling author of “Point Dume”

“Beat is an old-fashioned nail-biter that the not-too-squeamish aficionado of the hard-boiled genre will enjoy.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The soiled hero’s relentless interrogation of his motives for pursuing Cora will make it hard for like-minded readers to put down his odyssey unfinished.”


“Glass is tough to like, impossible to admire, but relentless against insuperable odds.”

Publishers Weekly

And the things folks are saying about BOULEVARD…

“Schwartz is skillful at rendering charcoal-sketch views of the darker corners of Sunset Boulevard, and he dazzles the reader with intermittent flashes of a poetic sensibility…A book full of merit, by an author loaded with talent.”

Los Angeles Times

“Boulevard is raw, twisted, and so hard-boiled it simmers from beginning to end.”

Robert Crais, New York Times bestselling author of The First Rule

“Boulevard is terrific. Fast-paced and convincingly told. The streets of L.A. have never been meaner or seamier. Stephen Jay Schwartz’s clear vision and knowing heart make him a gifted writer to watch.”

T. Jefferson Parker, New York Times bestselling author of Iron River

“Relentless and unflinching, a shocking thriller that dares you to keep reading. Schwartz has created one of the most complex and tortured protagonists I’ve encountered in a long time. A powerful debut.”

Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of the Rizzoli and Isles series

“Like James Ellroy, Schwartz can make the reader squirm…Schwartz does a fine job of blurring the lines between sexuality and violence, the criminal world and the police world.”

Publishers Weekly

“Schwartz hasn’t missed a trick in this gripping first novel…He skillfully develops Hayden’s flawed character, showing him to be decent, haunted, and sometimes loathsome. Most important, he artfully builds tension and suspense into horror and finishes with a stunning Grand Guignol climax. Expect much more from this talented writer.”

– Booklist

“Plot twists and turns plus an unusual denouement make Schwartz an author to watch. Mystery fans who enjoy reading about the mean streets of L.A. (a la Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, T. Jefferson Parker) will devour this.”

Library Journal

“Boulevard is a mesmerizing read; Schwartz has drawn a swift, brutal and compelling portrait of a nightmare underworld of Los Angeles and a protagonist tormented by his own sexual addiction as well as by a real human evil. Boulevard is one of the most compelling books on addiction I’ve ever read, wrapped up in a gripping thriller.”

Alexandra Sokoloff, ITW Award-winning author of The Unseen.

“Dark and gritty, Schwartz’s dicey debut is seriously twisted.”

Robert Ellis, national bestselling author of The Lost Witness

“A lurid nightmare tour through dark streets and dark minds. Stephen Jay Schwartz writes with the fevered intensity of early James Ellroy.”

Marcus Sakey, author of The Amateurs

“Tightly written and wildly original, you’ll be thinking about this story long after you close the covers. Sex-addict Detective Hayden Glass is an unforgettable antihero you’ll love and hate at the same time. Stephen Jay Schwartz is going to give Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch a run for his money. Boulevard is just plain excellent.”

J.T. Ellison, bestselling author of The Immortals

“Boulevard is one of the most riveting debuts I have ever read. Stephen Schwartz has written a story that will enthrall you, haunt you, disturb you, and keep you thinking long after you’ve finished reading it. Once you begin this book you won’t be able to look away.”

Brett Battles, Barry Award winning author of Shadow of Betrayal

“Stephen Jay Schwartz is a brave and gifted author, and Boulevard is an electrifying journey into sinful delights and escalating evil. Morally sound, addictive as a speedball, and rich with insight into human frailty—this novel kept me awake and disturbed my dreams in all the right ways. Lock your doors and read it.”

Christopher Ransom, bestselling author of The Birthing House

“This may be Stephen Jay Schwartz’s first book, but you’d never know it from the writing. Or the plotting. Or the characters. Boulevard is all adrenaline, a spiraling dance of doomed souls in the best tradition of L.A. noir. The streets here are so well drawn you can almost see the heat shimmering off the asphalt and smell the exhaust as hookers, cops and addicts of various kinds do their perpetual dance. Hayden Glass is a cop with a secret, a secret that not only endangers his search for a vicious serial predator, but also brings Glass to the jolting realization that he is somehow part of the predator’s scenario. From the first scene to the dead-stop conclusion, Schwartz never lets up, and his story lifts a corner of the social fabric and peers beneath it to shine light on a part of the urban world that most of us, if we are lucky, will never be part of.”

Timothy Hallinan, bestselling author of Breathing Water

30 thoughts on “NEWBIE NO MORE

  1. PK the Bookeemonster

    Congratulations, Stephen! I love the covers! I'll see what I can do about Wednesday night; I'm having dinner with some 4MA people but what should book people do after dinner, eh? Hang on for the ride, Mr. Schwartz. 🙂

  2. Grace

    Awesome presentation. Can't wait to read … met so many good writers through this blog — I know I'm in for another treat.

  3. Debbie

    Such exciting news and the Beat museum will welcome you back like an old friend. Going to crash there again? 😀 Congrats, and I'll be there in spirit and weather-it's over 80degrees up here today!

  4. Allison Davis

    You have made it through the crucible…you have completed the transformation. It has been amazing and inspiring to witness. The cover is perfect. I'll see you on the 13th.

  5. Stephen Jay Schwartz

    All yous guys is just makin' me blush and tear up a little, you know.
    It really means a lot to have this kind of support, to have a group of authors and writers and readers to turn to. Phenomenal community. And to think, I never knew it existed until I got my book deal, until I got that very first blurb from JT. Followed directly after by the blurbs from Brett and Tess and Alex and Marcus. You guys opened the flood gates.
    And, Marcus, I'll take that drink. Can you Fedex it over now? I'll give you Scott's credit card number.

  6. Anonymous

    YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Warning. When you see an old frazzled blonde lady clawing her way to the head of the book signing line, don't hail security…it will only be me. Start thinking of the really PERSONAL thing you are going to sign my book with so I can show it to all of my friends when your TV series hits and say……Stephen? oh yeah…….he and I go WAAAY back. I made him what he is today, ya know.

    I am kvelling, Babe!!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer sex-addict crime writer……..I mean…….a nicer crime writer who writes about sex-addicts……..I mean……………oh fuck it…….you know what I mean

    Michael Connelly is RIGHT ON!! (Yeesh. No one says "right on" anymore…only characters out of the 60s)

  7. lil Gluckstern

    Good luck and big sales, and all other good stuff from a reader who likes your style. "Beat" will be on its way as soon as Amazon decides to move it…

  8. KDJames

    Stephen, I suspect it has been a very very long time since anyone could seriously call you a "newbie." With regard to writing or anything else.

    Congrats on the release of the second book! And wow, terrific blurbs. Hope sales go far beyond even the highest expectations of the PR department.

    I won't be at Bouchercon this year, sadly. In fact, I may not go to that conference, ever, until someone tells me how to pronounce it correctly.

  9. KDJames

    So . . . sort of like voucher-con? That's just wrong (says someone who studied French for more than a few years).

    Hey, if someone were handing out vouchers to be redeemed for airfare and lodging and conference fees, I would SO be there. My budget alternates between gasping its last thready breath and hysterical laughter, while cruelly dangling my credit card just out of reach.

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