11 thoughts on “My new wireless thing is broken and I can’t post yet–Cornelia

  1. Reine

    Feel better, dear one. We are still here dodging space junk. Whoops. Whoa! DUCK!!!! Whew. Stay warm and dry. xoR

  2. Reine

    Cornelia, Love. I closed my eyes for a moment and saw a great New York crowd of the black and white 20s filling the streets and waving back at you.

  3. Reine

    Look, Kiddo. Just fucking pretend you're spending $35 on Chinese takeout, and buy the goddamn toothbrush! You'll feel like you saved a bundle.

  4. CarlC

    Who knew you could get such great comments by posting….nothing! Maybe you should have been a writer for Seinfeld.

  5. Pari Noskin

    What amuses me is that you got several comments anyway, Cornelia. Sorry about the teckkie difficulties.

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