Lo, Even As I Have Said It, So It Has Come To Pass

By JD Rhoades
I ended the last column thusly:

Normally, when I pose these sorts of questions to my fellow Americans, I get attempts to change the subject or angry denunciations of President Obama and/or “libs,” “leftists,” “statists” or “Obama-bots,” none of which have any connection to the question asked.

And so far, here are the answers from the usual gang of chattering monkeys that make up the conservative commentariat at the Pilot:

From “fugitiveguy” who comments every week, while claiming he doesn’t read the column:

I actually read the article in its entirety. This guy sure asks a lot of questions with the angle of defending his king and deity. To the majority of those questions I would just answer I don’t know. I am glad I don’t have the responsibility although I think I am just about as qualified to run the show as the president. I have seen recipes longer than his resume. But I digest [sic] so therefore I must go now.

I’m not sure if “But I digest” is a malapropism in an attempt at humor, or this person really doesn’t know the language. “Fugitiveguy’s” posts are usually so dimwitted, I suspect the latter.

From “Pappy”, another constant commenter:

Mr Rhoades…wow, sure is a lot of questions !!
Before we can start a conversation, can I assume that you think your king handled each situation to the 12 questions / paragraphs correctly ??
This “king” bullshit is a constant refrain among these pathological liars, who claim, despite all the evidence, that I’m a mindless sycophant who never criticizes the President. (See my columns on getting involved in Syria and Libya in the first place for a refutation).
From “OceanGypsy”:
Great way for the columnist to try to deflect attention from just a few of the many, crazy bad failures of this administration by using directed questions which deflect attention from the key failures of each, then piling them all on top of each other so that no one in their right mind will bother to try to tackle any of them. But hey, he’s a lawyer after all.
Simple answer. If you truly read up on and objectively study each issue brought up you will find the answer to each. And quite possibly become a Libertarian too.
Ah. A Libertarian. The douchey, condescending tone should have clued me in. But, you’ll notice, not even an attempt to answer one question, just another version of the lame old “look it up yourself” dodge that inept Internet debaters use when they’re asked to back their bullshit up.

I am pleased to announce, I did actually get one attempt to actually address one question:


Let’s take a crack at your first question . “If you think President Obama’s weakness in Syria is what led Putin’s annexation of Crimea, what do you think we should have done in Syria?

If he (the president) was not willing to take action he should have just kept his mouth shut.

It was Obama’s bluster that led the world & Putin to see that Obama continued to be a fleckless blow hard. When he stated that Assad’s use of chemical weapons would cross a red line that would have consequences and then nothing happened it proved it. Putin knows that Obama will do do nothing no matter what happens.

Obama’s mantra is shoot your mouth off, carry a small stick and then try to change the subject

My answer:

Actually, at one point, I was in agreement with you about the “red line.” You can look it up.

But then it actually worked and Assad agreed to give up his chemical weapons, rather than be bombed. So the “red line” actually worked. And I had to admit I was wrong.

Would you rather he still have those weapons? Because if President Obama had “kept his mouth shut”, he’d still have them and would still be using them.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll let you know if I get a response. But I predict the same “you’ll never criticize your king Obama” bushwa. These idiots are nothing if not predictable.

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