JT’s First Unabashed (Sort of) BSP

The fine editors of the most exciting new ezine this year, MOUTH FULL OF BULLETS, have nominated a story I wrote for them for the Preditors and Editors 2006 Readers Poll.

The story is called THE TEMPEST, and it’s one I wrote while I was in Colorado this past summer. I blogged about that week in my old hometown, and promised that I was writing. This is my proof.

Here’s a link to the story.

There’s a catch. This is a voted contest. If you like the story and want to vote for it, click here.

I’m going to blog about the issue of awards in two weeks. I debated long and hard about whether to mention this at all, simply because it feels unseemly to me to ask for votes.

But you know what? The editors of MOUTH FULL OF BULLETS felt strongly enough about this story to nominate it. It’s their only entry in this particular category of the contest. And I want to honor their kind action by sharing this with all of you. This one truly isn’t about winning or losing. So thanks for the vote of confidence, BJ!

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