It’s Moving Day!!!!!!

by JT Ellison

I'm eschewing a regular post today to give you some information about the new site, which will be up and running Monday, April 13. We won't have posts over the weekend. Why?

MURDERATI is moving, RIGHT NOW!!!!

Murderati Moving Truck

The truck has already left and is about to pull up to the new site, dumping every bit of information that we can glean into the new archives. The new site will be searchable, will be organized differently, and has a cleaner, more open look to it. We hope you love it as much as we do.

The new web address will be The new site feed will be active on Monday, as will the new web address. Please update your bookmarks with the new site address. This post will stay up for a month or so to redirect people, but the feed will be running from the new site.

Why move? Well, any long-time reader of Murderati has experienced the pains we've had with comment eating, formatting, cutting and pasting issues, broken feeds, etc. With any luck, the new site will have none of these problems.

Let me also take this moment to let you know that Neil Nyren, Sr. VP, Editor in Chief and Publisher of Penguin Putnam (and one of our favorite guys) will be here next Friday with his annual STATE OF THE INDUSTRY interview. It's got some fascinating and valuable information, and we're so happy he's decided to join us again.

Forgive me for not posting today, I'm directing the moving trucks and trying to get everything up and running over the weekend. We'll be open for business bright and early Monday morning.

Thanks you for making the move with us! Have a blessed weekend.

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