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By (Alexandra Sokoloff)

I promised the WGA Indie Pub Event people some links to articles and resources about e publishing, so here it is (a little late, yeah… it’s summer!)

1. Here are some of my own articles and findings about different aspects of e publishing. Each article will have links to other sources.
A little bit on how the Bestseller Lists on Amazon give your book automatic exposure. (Note: sometimes tagging is available and sometimes it isn’t. I don’t know what the current status is. )

This compares some methods and results I got from a group book promo, another marketing tool to use.

Another way to get more product out there, instantly.

This is a post I did several years ago on marketing in traditional publishing – I’m including it because a lot of screenwriters don’t realize how important the conference circuit is to authors.


2. These are the three most important sites to start with to get information on indie publishing:
Joe Konrath’s blog is the one essential site on e publishing.

Browsing this message board a couple of days a week will give you a very practical crash course on everything from cover design essentials (what works for traditional publishing is not what works at thumbnail size), to promotion, to what indie authors’ actual sales figures are. People on the boards are friendly and helpful; I also found my two great proofreaders there. It’s also interesting to see the politics of indie vs. traditional publishing; personally, I just don’t see it as an Either/Or proposition.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, should read Kristine Rusch’s incredible series on the essentials of publishing and the changes in our world.


3. Here are some interesting blog posts by others in the field:

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