Happy birthday to me…and Gar!

By PD Martin

Well, today is my birthday. When I first drew 22 May in the Wildcard Tuesday schedule I was going to swap it, but then I thought maybe a birthday post would be fitting. You know, another year older (although today I’m actually only a day older!), have I accomplished what I wanted in the past year, cool birthday presents, you know…easy, right? Plus, I discovered via Facebook alerts that I’m not the only Murderati with a 22 May birthday…hard to believe that both Gar and I were born on the same day! 
Anyway, here in Australia it’s night time – and I’ve had a fabulous day. But first, leading up to my birthday I’ve been feeling all reflective about this past year. What have I accomplished? What haven’t I accomplished in the year that perhaps I wanted to? Do you do that? 
Here are my runs on the board for 22 May 2011 to 22 May 2012:
  • My daughter started school (big milestone for us both in this past year)
  • I’ve gone crazy on the ebook strategy and released two Sophie Anderson short stories (The Missing), two true-crime shorts (When Justice Fails), The Wanderer (Pippa Dee fantasy novel) and Hell’s Fury (the first “PD Martin” book in over two years, and book 1 in a new series)
Things that I expected to happen this year, but haven’t:
  • Really thought I’d have a new agent by now (my last one passed away nearly eighteen months ago)
  • I thought I would have edited my mainstream drama novel and have it out at agents (too busy with the ebook stuff, I guess)
  • Thought I’d be a little bit wealthier (financial wealth, that is … sigh)
  • I thought I’d be slimmer (double sigh and pat of the tummy that doth protrude too much)
Still, all in all it’s been an excellent year. I’m happily married, loving family life (especially my gorgeous Grace), PLUS I’ve actually been very productive in terms of writing, especially in the last five months.
As for birthday presents. Here’s my catch: 
  • Kindle Touch – sooooo excited!!!!!
  • Bright pink nightie (yes, from Grace)
  • Chocolates
  • Wireless mouse (much-needed)
  • Massager set (probably also much-needed but I need to sit down and relax long enough to use them)
  • Cash (to be spent on heart rate monitor with calorie counter, I think)
And I’ve had an amazing day. Hubby took the day off work and we went to see Dark Shadows AND The Avengers. We’re both huge movie buffs but find actually getting to the movies much harder nowadays. Then there was birthday cake, and a stunning dinner. Yes, I’ve been spoilt. 
So … how do you celebrate and/or deal with birthdays? How’s your year going so far? And what’s your best birthday present ever? Hopefully Gar will stop by today to tell us about his birthday too! 

Happy birthday to me…and Gar! 

11 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me…and Gar!

  1. Tammy Cravit

    Happy birthday to you, and to Gar! May the worst of the coming year be better than the best of the past one!

    I'm actually looking forward to my birthday, though a bit apprehensive about the milestone birthday lurking next year. (I'll turn 39 in October – yikes!) Not that old, I know, but there's something about "the big 4-0" that gives me pause. I sure don't FEEL old enough to be almost 40…but then, as they say, "growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional."

    My last birthday present was an iPhone 4S, and I rely on that little device for so much of my life these days that I'd definitely rank it as my best birthday present to date. This year, though, I'm thinking about asking for an experiential birthday gift rather than a THING – namely, that my spouse accompany me on a trip to the shooting range. I enjoy target shooting, and hope that some good experiences will help her enjoy it too.

  2. Gar Haywood

    Well, no way to compete with THAT birthday celebration and gift haul. Way to milk a birthday for all it's worth, Phillipa!

    Not going to go into all the things I thought I'd have accomplished between this birthday and the last. That would take all day. But I'm happy, just the same.

    Save me a slice of that cake!

  3. David Corbett

    Happy birthday to two people I'm thrilled to share the blogosphere with. I feel like I'm the one making off like a bandit, having both of you in my life. Be swell, eat well, don't tell.

  4. PD Martin

    Thanks, Tammy! Yes, I was apprehensive at both the big 30 and the big 40. I'm just on the other side of 40 now though and it's not too bad! I promise 🙂

    Sounds like your iPhone was definitely a great birthday score. And I hope your shooting range birthday outing comes off.

  5. PD Martin

    Thanks, Gar. Hope you had a good birthday too! The cake was/is delicious. I'll have seconds today. We call it a chocolate ripple cake, but I think it's called a chocolate log in the States. Chocolate biscuits 'stuck' together with cream and left for about 6+ hours so it's all cake-like. It's my daughter's favourite so we have it all the time now! Yum. I WOULD send you a piece…if I could!

  6. Alexandra Sokoloff

    Happy birthday to Phillipa and Gar!! Lots of twinning going on there…

    I haven't that that cake in AGES. Now I really want it. I remember it being called refrigerator cake.

  7. KDJames

    Oh, yum, cake…. what?

    OH! Happy Birthday, Phillipa and Gar!! Sorry to chime in so late. I'm totally addicted to that dancing show and tonight was the last night to ogle hot buff bare-chested m– um, that is, to watch all the lovely talented dancers. Ahem.

    Phillipa (and the rest of you) please don't obsess over what you've done or not done so far to date. Marks on a calendar are such an artificial measure. Focus your attention and energy on what is yet to come and think about all the accomplishments and pleasures that lie ahead. May they be abundant and fulfilling.

  8. PD Martin

    Thanks, David! Blush, blush. I did 'be swell and eat well'..but I better not say anything else because I don't want to tell 🙂

  9. PD Martin

    Thanks, Alex! So many names for one cake 🙂 But whatever it's called, it is yummy!

    Thanks, KD. The cake was yummy (about to have the last piece now) and I will keep looking forward…but not too much!

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