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By noreply@blogger.com (Alexandra Sokoloff)

I’m teaching a five-day workshop at the West Texas AMU Writers Academy this week. It’s a writing intensive in which I have 15 students plotting their entire books in one week. Exhausting, but highly rewarding, and miraculously, yet again we are right on course to get this all done. In five days!

Academy students are very motivated and I always end up doing adjunct sessions on ebook publishing and marketing. So here’s one free marketing resource I’m showing my students – an interesting wrinkle on book marketing called Thunderclap!

Thunderclap! is a crowdspeaking platform that amplifies messages by allowing large groups of people to share a single message together at the same time. Sort of an online flashmob.

I’ve just used Thunderclap! to create a book launch page for the print and audio release of Cold Moon on July 7. People who want to support me and the Huntress series can sign up for an automatic Tweet or Facebook share about the book release on the day, and the Thunderclap site automatically posts the tweets/shares all at the same time. Just once, no follow up, no spam, no need to you to remember, no need for me to bug anyone – and everyone who signs up to support is automatically entered in a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card!

This is what gets posted:

Cold Moon, #3 of Alexandra Sokoloff’s Huntress/FBI Thrillers, is out today! Now evil has something to fear. #ColdMoon http://thndr.it/1GgkoVo

You can check out the support page to see how it works, here – and also, of course, I’m hoping you’ll sign up to have a Tweet and/or Facebook post go out on my launch day!


I like how the dashboard page (which you can continue to edit up until the day of the Thunderclap) keeps count of the social media reach you’re accruing as people continue to sign up. It’s a much more efficient way of getting your friends and followers lined up to support your book launch. And apparently a Thunderclap can get your book trending on Twitter on release day.

Of course, I’ll report back on results.

Has anyone else tried this?

Thanks for signing up!

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