Dogs, books, and costumes!

By Alafair Burke


The main October distraction for Frannie and Double from the usual cycle of wrestling, sleeping, and eating was for Halloween preparations. Frannie may never forgive Double for this idea, but he was determined to have the best doggie-couple costume in New York City. May the treats be with them.

When they are not causing trouble or dressing like movie characters, Double and Frannie are always up for a good book. Here, Double (quite near sighted, isn’t he?) is reading THE CINDERELLA MURDER to Frannie, fresh off the presses. This is the first book in a series co-authored with “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark. The star of the series is Laurie Moran, the producer of “Under Suspicion,” a television show that reinvestigates cold cases. If Double had thumbs that could turn pages, he’d tell you it was a real page turner!

Via: Alafair Burke


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