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The "inter-web" and I are good pals.  When I first seriously started writing, it gave my voice a place in the world.  There weren’t many print markets for short crime fiction out there, especially not the down and dirty variety.  But on the web, bloodshed and bullets and brutal head bashing, were no problem.  I had a home.

And let’s not forget the web’s role as invaluable research machine.  With just a few clicks I can find information on muzzle velocity, illegal cheese smuggling, narcocorridos, whiskey stick fighting… the possibilities are endless. 

Maybe too endless.

Often, my forays into internet research have left me…       




I blame myself, of course.  I should have more discipline.  But the waves of words and images have gripped me in their undertow, ripping me away from my work.  The biggest culprit is… 

Pic_home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rABM8ZsFAGg


Where else can you find skateboarding dogs and crack smoking prostitutes, the Wiggles and Sadam Hussein swinging from a rope, all in one convenient location?  I’ve visited the TUBE looking for inspiration or images to help bring authenticity to my work. 

More often than not, I…



…end up surfing through a sea of videos.  Some funny.  Some gruesom.  Some awe inspiringly strange. 

Am I alone? I think not.  Several writers consistently include YOU TUBE links in their blogs, enabling my addiction (I’m looking at you JD!)Ajad01


So the question dear Murderati readers, do you suffer from my calamity?  If so, how do you avoid the siren call of the Internet while writing?

And, while this might sound like an alcoholic asking for a tequila shot…include some of your favorite YOU TUBE links.

11 thoughts on “Dis…trac…tions

  1. J.D. Rhoades

    Hey, don’t blame me, McClean. I ain’t holding a gun to your head }:-)>.

    You know my favorite part of that Bruce Campbell vid? It’s when he takes his hands off the keyboard to shoot the ladies the “thumbs up” sign and the music keeps playing.

  2. Mike MacLean


    Fatboy Slim and Walken, never has there been a cooler combination. I tried the hands-in-my pockets dance at the club. I couldn’t pull it off.


    If you like Campbell’s song styling you’ll love Richard Cheese.


    This guy is my hero. (caution, explicit lyrics.)


    I can’t even stand up on a skateboard. That guy is insane.

  3. B.G. Ritts

    About the only things on the ‘Net that don’t absorb big blocks of my time are videos — but then my computer hasn’t ‘felt like’ playing videos (or sound) for well over a year. However, that doesn’t keep me from spending much of my free time with my hands hovering over mouse and keyboard — reading text and looking at pictures.

    The alkali metals and water is my favorite of the ones I’ve seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqeVEFFzz7E


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