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Hi all,

Don’t forget we’re on semi-hiatus here at Murderati this week, but not all of us are gone. So if you respond to any of our posts — or questions further down in the blog — one of us will surely respond. Also, by playing with us, you’re eligible to win one book from each of the ‘Rati authors.

That’s 14 fab reads.

Whether you join us or not, know that we wish you a wonderful, wonderful New Year.

9 thoughts on “Contest and conversation continues . . .

  1. Mit

    Okay – totally NOT writing related … but seeing as we’re a day away ..

    What is/would be the perfect New Years Eve experience for you?

    Give a location – starting/ending time – atmosphere – guests (yes/no) – food – libation … the works!

  2. PK the Bookeemonster

    Oh I’m such a homebody. I will spend New Year’s exactly how I wish it: at home with my husband doing whatever we each enjoy — he will probably be playing a pc game and I’ll be reading. We might make it until midnight. We could watch a movie — we have District 9 on DVD to view. I just love being home and cosy and relaxing. No parties, no crazy, no drinking … perhaps some snacking on Chex Mix and whatever. 🙂

  3. Fran

    I used to throw New Years parties that had people attending from across the country. I discovered that with enough people and alcohol in the house, no one noticed we hadn’t dusted. Or vacuumed. They were fun, and there is, in fact, videotape of the 10th one. Fortunately I have the tape and no VCR.

    Nowadays, though, staying at home with Lillian is great. Quiet, just another night, simple.

    Someday, though, I’d love to ring in the New Year at Trafalgar Square, since I’ve heard that it’s amazing.

  4. Tom

    I’m hoping for a decent Last Day of the Decade, and a new year even half as good at Murderati as was 2009.

    It has been grand, folks. Thank you very much!

  5. Cathy

    Happy New Year to all!
    I am an avid reader but a very timid blogger. I like to read the websites and blogs for new information/updates, but rarely participate or reply; however, I did want to express the value of the different blogs or author websites I have visited over the years.
    Years ago, when I worked exclusively abroad, I could only find books in English during rare layovers in the Miami airport. During one of those trips, I picked up a book by Jonathan Kellerman. When I finally moved back to the US, I was able to read his entire Alex Delaware series, then through his website found out his wife was also a novelist. After finishing her series, she mentioned in her website that she and her husband were participating in a TV series (I think the TruTV channel). When watching that series I learned of Lee Child and Linda Fairstein. After reading all of their books, on Linda’s website, she mentioned a lawsuit where she and other legal/mystery authors were named. So, I read all of their books; Lisa Scottoline, Michele Martinez, Alafair Burke, etc. Through Michele’s website, I found the Lipstick Chronicles blog and love reading it daily, so of course…I had to each and every book written by the TLC blogging authors. I found Murderati through Alafair Burke’s blog and have since completed all of J.D. Rhodes books and I am now on book #3 of Tess Gerristsen’s Rizzoli series. When I complete Tess’ books, I will continue on down the list of this blog’s authors.
    I find your websites and blogs extremely insightful, thought provoking and just a lot of fun! Many authors mentioned the additional time now required for self marketing through maintaing websites or contributing to daily/weekly blogs. My response : Thank YOU! I may not have found you without this medium. I have truly enjoyed your work and look forward to your future work!

  6. kit

    Please keep blogging…I love reading them…sometimes I will post……..but one thing that comes across is, it’s like a huge round table discussion.
    When I think back to my college years….it’s the discussions I had with my friends that I missed the most… times silly, others thought provoking, still others laugh out loud funny…but never once did I ever feel they were a waste of time…this site has that same *feel* to it.
    Warmth, humor, intelligence….it doesn’t get any better than that! have a great 2010. kit

  7. Sylvia

    I’m finally answering the "What are you doing for the holidays?" question. It’s more what I did ask I didn’t want to jinx my to-do list by saying I was going to do it before I did it. Silly, I know.

    So… the holidays were filled with 14 loads of laundry, cleaning out two closets, three trips to the Thrift Store to make end-of-year donations.

    In the mad dash on or about December 23rd (I can’t recall, it’s a haze) I hit the library with children in tow for all of us to get books and DVDs so as to not kill each other over the 14 days of no-school, candy canes and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer playing repeatedly. Next year I’m going for cheap wine from Trader Joe’s for me and Benadryl for the kids.

    On the same day I took the 13 ½ year dog to the vet as she was surely dying this time. The damn dog has had more lives than ten cats. I’ve spent more on her healthcare over the years than I have my own. From splinter in the eye, eating a sock, bloat – and yet she lives. We were sent home with meds and to be on watch.

    At this point I was hoping the dog would at least last through Christmas. The last thing I needed was for her to go downstairs on Christmas Eve only for us to find her dead under the Christmas tree. I kept thinking if she died before 4am or so, I’d have time to get her out of the house and could tell the kids Santa took her to live at the North Pole. Then again, that might make them hate Santa. On the other hand, no Santa = no more having to buy presents each year. This could be an ok deal if the timing worked right. The dog’s luck wore on and she lived through Christmas although looking fairly worse for wear.

    I spent the rest of the pre-Christmas days braving the grocery store, grumbling and then wrapping gifts at a friend’s house away from prying eyes of three kids under 10. As always, I was successful in getting these goodies back into the house and under the tree well after midnight so the little cherubs would find all that Santa could deliver the next morning.

    Christmas morning was as expected. Up at 7am, kids screaming, husband taking photos of bedhead (why the hell can’t we all get showered, do our hair and have a freakin’ cup of coffee first???) After a few hours of assembling the motorized marble run, not stepping on the zhu zhu pets (robotic hamsters… hey no poop to clean up) our traditional Christmas breakfast of sausage , eggs and toast was made. No small feat and the new toaster from me to me was greatly appreciated – by me. (The old 4-slot toaster only had 1-side of one slot that worked).

    Note – other than the toaster I gave myself the only other gift I received was a pair of $1 Christmas socks from my sister-in-law. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, I am married. We won’t discuss this any further other than if you find said ugly socks on a male corpse resembling my husband…

    Of course all this time I was reading Murderati – and still watching to make sure the dog was alive.

    Somewhere along the Christmas weekend I went to the city to swim in the Bay and accidentally swam to a prison. I know this sounds odd but it was entirely innocent in that I climbed aboard a zodiac with friends for what I thought would be a rousing hop off the end of Pier 7 to freak-out tourists and in the boat there was a decision to instead jump in at Pier 35 and aim towards Angel Island. About 36 minutes later I bellied up under the Warning sign on the east end of Alcatraz.

    I spent the rest of holiday "break" working – cleaning out my desk, trying to put files in order, working, working and did I mention working? Yes, a mountain of work that didn’t get finished but I’m not going to throw myself a guilt party (costs too much).

    On NY Day I swam from Alcatraz (tradition) and then did it again two days later. I’m on a roll but my back is sore. I think it’s the swimming or the Wii bowling, not sure.

    Of course the kids had to be entertained so we took an afternoon outing to many Bay Area spots for kids from the Exploratorium to Tilden Park in the East Bay. I’ve been in cars, boats, on kiddie trains.

    Let’s add to this a killer headache and the thought I was having a stroke only to find out my husband switched us from regular coffee to decaf. There are some things in life that require full disclosure to your spouse or partner – this is one of them.

    And don’t forget that I built a site for my daughter who is 9 and trying to make her allowance online by blogging. It isn’t done yet but should be operational this week. C’mon, send a kid to college and click on the ads (once they are up). Vivian’s Opinion

    As for NY Resolutions. I usually write them down. I haven’t done so yet. It’s on my to-do list for the next decade.

    Happy New Year!


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