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By Toni Innovation. One of the things that all the hoopla surrounding Amazon vs. Hachette is obfuscating is that the internet isn’t just changing publishing–it’s changing every type of commerce. I’m not all that interested in the controversy surrounding the negotiations, for all the same reasons that I wasn’t interested back when Barnes and Noble did the […]

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Sometimes, you’re the bug.*

By Toni I thought I’d tell you a… fairytale. Something completely made up. Totally not related to anyone who may or may not be a member of this blog. Okay? Fiction. Totally. Once upon a time, there was this woman named…er… Tonya. Tonya was married to a guy named… Cal, and they were very happy, young, hip, good-looking people […]

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When all else fails…

By Toni Things to say in public that will get you all the elbow room you need:“You know, I was really disappointed in the blood spatter patterns. I wanted a lot more. I think I’m going to have to try again.”[Talking to my husband about photography for a book cover.] [That’s my story and I’m sticking to […]

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Littlest bridesmaid in a second line parade…

By Toni One of the really sweet things about living in the Quarter is that almost every weekend, someone has a second line parade. It’s usually arranged when a group or club hires a brass band (and gets the appropriate permits and parade route approval) to march through the Quarter. The brass band itself is called the […]    

Lake Verret

By Toni I have long loved Lake Verret and the surrounding area (particularly Pierre Part). I was never an early morning person, unless my dad woke me up to go fishing, and then I’d bound out of bed and be dressed and ready to go in a nanosecond–something I’ve never mastered for anything else in my life, […]    

Our building project…

By Toni I actually did not fall off the planet, though it felt like it at times. I’d volunteered to host a party for the RT Convention when it came to New Orleans, and as the weeks counted down, I realized I’d been absolutely insane to think I could get the to-do list done in time. We […]    

Composite photography and creating cover art…

By Toni About 3 months ago, my friend, CJ Lyons, asked me to create a piece of art for her cover for her new book (coming out soon), titled Farewell to Dreams. She then interviewed me about the process, and that interview is up live on USA Today’s blog. The photo/image is completely composited–I shot the violinist here in […]    

Ticket Purgatory…

By Toni So, bright and early this morning, I end up on the phone with United Airlines because their computer wouldn’t let me check seating for an upcoming flight. The error message said something like, ‘hahahaha, you fool! We have your money and you are so screwed!’ (Well, it actually simply said, “Error, this flight does not […]