Camp Nanowrimo, anyone? Answer these 3 questions first!

By (Alexandra Sokoloff)

Who’s doing Camp Nanowrimo?
I’m not being official about it, but the lure is too great to resist. If I do 1000 words a day for the month of April, I should have a rough first draft of the sixth (and last!) book in my Huntress series by May 1.
Well, who could pass that up? And it’s totally doable.
I bet some of you are doing Camp. I know some of you are having a resentful wave of panic at the very thought, possibly because you still haven’t even started your freaking taxes yet, and what sadist from hell ever thought APRIL was a good month for this anyway?
Oh, believe me. I know.
Still. You don’t HAVE to complete a draft (which I would contend is not all that possible in a month, anyway). You don’t HAVE to write 1000 words a day. How about starting with 15 minutes a day and see where that goes?
And you could start today by not writing a word, but simply answering, or starting to ponder these essential questions about your story:
1. What does your main character WANT?
2. What is her or his PLAN to get it?
3. Who or what is standing in her way?
Most people leave out the most essential element of all: #2: THE PLAN.
So if you are not familiar with this concept of THE PLAN, we’ll talk about it this week!
Meanwhile, have a great holiday weekend, whatever you’re celebrating.

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