Book 4 of the Huntress/FBI Thrillers out now!

By (Alexandra Sokoloff)

Bitter Moon, Book 4 of my Thriller Award-nominated Huntress/FBI series, is now available in print, audio and ebook (ebook just $4.99!).

A haunted FBI agent is on the trail of that most rare of killers… a female serial. His hunt for her will take him across five states, and force him to question everything he knows about evil and justice.
“Sokoloff proves that a revelatory series with great characters can burrow deep. And stay there…
The Big Thrill

The Huntress books are definitely written to be read in order! But great news: Thomas & Mercer has put the first three books on sale on Amazon US, just $1.99 each – and Amazon Prime members can read Book 1 for free. So if you need to catch up, start with:

Huntress: Amazon US: $1.99 Blood Moon: Amazon US: $1.99 Cold Moon: Amazon US: $1.99

Scroll down for more details about Bitter Moon – but if you like your books spoiler-free, then don’t read any further.

As you might guess by the cover, Bitter Moon takes Roarke deep into the desert, following a sixteen-year-old cold case that may be the key to Cara’s bloody history. It’s probably the most mystical of the books, unfolding on a dual time line, with the present and past intersecting as Roarke and fourteen-year old Cara both race to stop a sadistic serial predator.

There are new characters I think you’ll love as much as I do, and you’ll find out much more about Cara’s past. And there are new settings! The California desert is possibly my favorite place on the planet, and for this one I’ll be taking you to the magical Coachella Valley and the wine country of Temecula.



FBI agent Matthew Roarke has been on leave, and in seclusion, since the capture of mass killer Cara Lindstrom—the victim turned avenger who preys on predators. Torn between devotion to the law and a powerful attraction to Cara and her lethal brand of justice, Roarke has retreated from both to search his soul. But Cara’s escape from custody and a police detective’s cryptic challenge soon draw him out of exile—into the California desert and deep into Cara’s past—to probe an unsolved murder that could be the key to her long and deadly career.

Following young Cara’s trail, Roarke uncovers a horrifying attack on a schoolgirl, the shocking suicide of another, and a human monster stalking Cara’s old high school. Separated by sixteen years, crossing paths in the present and past, Roarke and fourteen-year-old Cara must race to find and stop the sadistic sexual predator before more young girls are brutalized.

“BITTER MOON accomplishes a truly remarkable feat: It is both a prequel that explores the harrowing history and psychological development of Cara Lindstrom as it unfolded 16 years ago in a town in the California desert, and a narrative that follows FBI agent Matthew Roarke as he investigates her history—and finds himself on the trail of long-ago brutal killers who were never caught.” – The Big Thrill
As always, reviewers can contact me for review copies:

Thanks so much for reading, and Happy Fall!

– Alex

PS: Authors – of course I always post prompts for Nanowrimo throughout November on this blog. I’m Nanoing this year myself, working on Book 5 of the Huntress series for a January 2 deadline – yike! So come on along and panic with me. 🙂

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