And So Here It Is…

by Brett Battles

As I mentioned two weeks ago, today is my last post as a Murderati regular. I have had a wonderful stay. The fantastic crew of authors, the wonderful readers and conversation contributors, you’ve all made this an excellent place to call home.

My departure has not come without thought. In fact, it’s taken many months of internal deliberations. But workload, focus, quality of ideas have all played a part in this decision. I’m writing more than I ever have before, and I don’t see that letting up anytime soon. I have so many stories I want to write, so many characters I want to bring to life, so many little moments I want to describe. But to really do that, I need to redirect my time and focus into these areas, and stepping aside so you can meet someone new, and discover things I would not be able to show you.

Pari and JT, you are the backbone—the soul—of Murderati, and I can’t thank you enough for asking me to be a part of it. JT, our bond is deep and long…Killer Year forever.

Zoë, my Thursday mate, it’s been great sharing the day with you, and spending a little time with you when you and Andy visited L.A. You are an original in the best of all ways.

J.D., I still remember when we—along with your beautiful wife—were waiting at the airport after Bouchercon in Madison, sharing stories and laughing. As much as I was exhausted and wanted to get on my plane and go home, the time passed too quickly.

Alafair, that picture from the party at Mystery Bookstore’s LA Times Festival of Books party a few years ago is still one of my favorites! And I still laugh about that time I was too nervous to even talk to you.

Louise, you continue to be an inspiration…not just to me, but to the whole extended Murderati family. You are so much stronger than you even know.

Tess, your quote graces the cover of my debut novel, and as much as I am eternally grateful for that, what I remember most was an email you sent me while you were reading it. Me, a still to be published author, and you telling me that you were on tour but also in the middle of reading my book and “loving it!” I’m not sure my feet have touched the ground yet.

Steve. Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve. We have been good friends for more than twenty years now…dorm life, film school, astronomy class with a teacher who had a few too many on finals day…a gap…then a reconnection before the release of BEAT. A reconnection that has meant the world to me.

Alex, from the very first Thrillerfest to today, seeing you in the crowd always makes me smile. You’re a haven of light.

Cornelia…we have traveled a similar road. We have shared tears high above I-don’t-know which city. We have an understanding for which few words are needed. I am here for you, as I know you are there for me.

Allison, you’re energy, your spirit, your drive in the face of everyday life is to be more than simply admired. You are gifted on so many levels, and I’m glad to call you friend.

David and P.D. as I’m sure you’ve already found, you’ve landed someplace special. My only advice is to have fun.

And to a few Murderati of the past—Rob, I know enough to not say anything nice about you…well, except to say you have become a great friend; Toni, I haven’t seen you in person in years, I miss you, I miss your stories, I miss your laugh and your smile. You brighten things wherever you go; and Ken, your words are amazing, and your heart is huge. It’s always a privilege just being around you.

And finally, to you, the members of the Murderati community, you are the reason we are all or have been a part of this blog. There are not enough words to thank you properly, so I’ll merely say, “Thanks,” and hope you know what I mean.

Okay. All that said, it’s not like I’m completely disappearing. I’m sure you’ll see me in the comments, and, hopefully, my friends here will allow me back now and then to let you know how things are going.

If you’d like to bookmark my personal blog where I sporadically post news click here…no pressure, though.

Until I see you again…

30 thoughts on “And So Here It Is…

  1. Barbie

    Seriously, you made me tear up. And I'm not even the tearing up kind. I think it's because I like you. Or most likely because I'm PMSing. Either way, I'll miss you, Brett 🙁

  2. Jake Nantz

    Well at least the grammar and spelling errors will get better now…(just kidding Brett).

    In seriousness, I've been a fan since I first met Quinn in THE CLEANER, and will always continue to be. Your writing is both fast-paced and breathtaking, especially when it comes to making a new city or region come alive for those of us not fortunate enough to have travelled there yet. In fact, you've added a few spots to the to-be-visited itinerary just with the way you wrote them. I wish you all the best, but let's be honest, you don't need any luck with the way your writing is going to go. You rock, dude.

  3. Brett Battles

    Thanks, Barbie.

    Zoë…that's me making the face over Alafair's shoulder. 🙂

    Jake…so glad you've enjoyed Quinn. I'm kind of found of him, too.

    Thank you, Susanne.

    Right back at you, Dusty.

  4. JT Ellison

    You know how crushed I am that you're leaving, but yes, our bond is long and strong. I expect great things from you, mr. battles. now get writing. Xoxox

  5. Alexandra Sokoloff

    Didn't expect to be weeping first thing in the morning. I'm really glad I'm back in So Cal or this would be heartbreaking.

    (On another note… could I really be doing that much more writing if I weren't blogging? I wonder.)

  6. Brett Battles

    Will do, JT!

    Thanks, Louise.

    Murderati fan…me too!

    Alex…I don't think it's so much the writing of the post where I'm saving time, but all the hours before it when I know I need to come up with an idea that's new and fresh and interesting, and that's boiling in the back of my mind while I'm trying to do other things. That's where most of my energy is expended.

  7. Allison Davis

    Brett, beers on me next Bouchercon or whatever. Take care and we'll see you from time to time.

  8. Stephen Jay Schwartz

    Brett, Brett, Brett, Brett


    Brett, Brett, Brett


    Brett Brett

  9. Stephen Jay Schwartz


    It's gonna be weird not seeing your posts up here. You're making me cry, you friggin' asshole.

    Thanks so much for being one of the voices who pushed for the invitation to bring me here. Murderati has been so good to me, too. It won't be the same without you. Almost the same, but not quite. Well, practically the same.

    It's amazing that we connected again after twenty years, and that we've become so much a part of each other's lives. Well, I've become part of your life, at least. Ha! (I really wasn't ever cruel until I observed the way you and Rob communicated).

    But really, Brett…I'm going to miss you here. You will be missed. Of course, we'll see you all over Facebook. So it won't be like you're not around. You'll be around.

  10. Pari Noskin

    It's horrid to see you go, but I fully understand your reasons for doing it.

    We'll miss you here. And if we don't see your comments in the 'Rati from time to time, well . . . I can find out where you live . . .

  11. Brett Battles

    Thanks, Elka!

    Allison, I'll take you up on that anytime! 🙂

    Steve, buddy, you're not getting rid of me anytime soon.

    Pari, having no desire to cause myself physical harm, your wish is my command. 😀

  12. The Edit Ninja

    Wait a minute. You said you hated semicolons but I counted at least two in this post. What have you done with the real Brett?? We will pay the ransom if it's under fifty bucks!

    This is a sweet farewell, Brett impostor. Reading it made me remember the last day of school when we had to say goodbye to all our friends. But then we saw them again a few months later! Hope that's true here. Have a great summer, keep in touch, don't ever change, hope we have homeroom together next year!

  13. KDJames

    Will you sign my yearbook? Really, it does feel like graduation and all our friends are moving out of the dorm.

    Damn, Brett. I'd say I'll miss you, but I'm a really good shot and I'd hate to lull you into a state of complacency. Not that that's a threat or anything. Unless, you know, I don't see the next Project Eden book sometime in the very near future . . .

    Seriously, I don't even own a gun. Probably they're difficult to acquire here in the south. No need to worry. Much.

    Go forth and be productive. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way back.

    And if you don't mind, lock and barricade the door on the way out. The rate of attrition over here has become wholly unacceptable.

  14. PD Martin

    Sorry to see you go, Brett. All the best with the writing. And if you DO get some blogging topics that pop into your head you can always guest blog or just pass them on to one of us 🙂

  15. Erin

    You will be missed alot. However since you won't be writing blogs here that means more Jonathan Quin book right?? Goodbye and happy writing. 🙂

  16. Brett Battles

    Edit Ninja…I really strained when I put those semi's in. In fact, they weren't in the first draft. I justified them by the fact that the post wasn't fiction, but even then, I knew deep down you'd call me on it!! 🙂

    KD…you bring me a yearbook, I'll sign it!

    Rob…then my evil plan worked. Almost.

    Phillipa…I may take you up on that!

    Thanks, Robin. That was a lot of fun!

    Erin…that's the plan!

  17. Allison Brennan

    Brett, school got out and my days are all messed up and I'm sorry I didn't see this yesterday. I also didn't realize that yesterday was your last day, and I'm definitely going to miss you. One of my favorite things about you is your love for your kids, your eternal optimism, and your genuine warmth. Keep in touch and I'll see you at the next conference!

  18. Reine

    BRETT!!!! I just realized why you look so familiar! You went to Burroughs! I subbed there. I lived in China Lake! I went to Cerro Coso when it was Desert Division. Geez Brett . . . you were a Kubik kid.

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