Amazon selects IF YOU WERE HERE as a best book of 2013…Wait, it’s that time of year already?

By Alafair Burke

Yesterday I opened an email from my editor informing me that Amazon had selected my novel, IF YOU WERE HERE, as one of the twenty best crime novels of 2013. My immediate reaction was, “Wheeee! That’s awesome.”

But the moment the happy dance ended, I thought, “Wait, it’s November? It’s almost the end of the year? Girl, you better get back to work!”

As thankful as I was — and am — for the tremendous support Amazon and others have shown IF YOU WERE HERE, the realization that it is almost 2014 made the celebration short lived. Why? Because I never want to be a writer who thinks my best work is in the past. I don’t want to be that writer who’s out on the speaking circuit, taking paid gigs to talk about a book written years earlier. I want to be the writer who writes everyday and is always thinking about the next story.

So thank you so very, very much Amazon for including my work on this incredible list, next to some of my favorite authors. (See the full list here; it really is a terrific collection.) But what I’m really looking forward to is sending you a copy of ALL DAY AND A NIGHT, the next Ellie Hatcher novel, which I’m polishing up right now. I hope you think it’s even better.

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