Ahoy, there!

By Cornelia Read

I’m thinking a lot about traveling, today. This is because I’m going to be driving up to the Maine Festival of the Book with my new pal Toby Ball, who wrote an incredible debut novel called The Vaults–a book that is dark and twisty and fabulous in all the best possible ways…

We’re going to be doing a mystery panel at 9:30, and then driving back to New Hampshire. And then I’m going to clean my apartment–really, really fast–and then I’m going to drive to New York City (Just like I pictured it! Skyscrapers and everything!), which takes sane people about five hours but me somehow about four. I say this is because I have really good music on my iPhone. Others’ mileage may vary.

But! Also! In October I get to go on a cruise! Which I have never done before!! On the biggest ocean liner currently sailing!!! With a whole bunch of mystery authors!!!

And I want everyone to totally come on this boat with us. So there, this is me, shilling totally.

But!! Here are the other authors who are going to be coming (alphabetically):

Megan Abbott | Bill Fitzhugh | Joanne Fluke | John Hart | Stephen Hunter | Lisa Jackson
Reg Keeland | Harley Jane Kozak | Gayle Lynds | Otto Penzler | Gary Phillips 
Cornelia Read | Robert Ward | Kate White | Don Winslow

I mean, how cool is THAT? Plus… the ship is amazing. Here is an article the New York Times just wrote about it:

Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas!!!

So, hey, if you are a cruising type person, consider coming along for this, because it is going to be So Awesome. Seriously. And we are going to be sailing to really, really cool places. And, you know, mysteries! At sea! With buffets and stuff!!!

If you have ever been on a cruise, do you have any pointers? This will be my, ahem, maiden voyage…


I will try to check in from the road today, dear ‘Ratis… I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

19 thoughts on “Ahoy, there!

  1. Karen in Ohio

    Cornelia, as soon as I heard about this cruise I decided to go, but two weeks later my daughter informed me she's getting married in November. Suddenly, all our "extra" cash is going to wedding stuff.

    It sounds like grand fun.

  2. Zoƫ Sharp

    Sounds fabulous, Cornelia.

    Any words of wisdom? If you're going to be sea-sick, always make sure you're on the DOWNWIND side of the boat.

    Trust me on this …;-]

  3. Alafair Burke

    I've never been on a cruise because the idea of lining up in buffet lines with strangers in sequin-covered sweatsuits was wholly unappealing. A cruise with you and that list of people? Hell yeah. Have fun!

  4. Gayle Carline

    Having been on one cruise to the Caribbean and one to Alaska, my only advice is, try not to eat 24 hours a day. Because you can. Oh, and watch out for those lovely waiters who greet you poolside with a delicious tropical drink. It gets charged to your room (there are no cash transactions on board), and they all add up.

  5. Alexandra Sokoloff

    Try not to eat all day is good advice. It's a surreal experience, the floating mall. I think going as part of a convention or workshop is the only way, but that way is definitely fun.

  6. Brenda Buchanan

    Hmmm. A mystery writer cruise.

    Cue remake of Love Boat theme song, sung by, say, Barry White. That deep voice sure could give a sinister twist to "come aboard, we're expecting you."

    It sounds like an opportunity for fun or trouble (or both.) But is it in October or November? And what would be the specific date?

    So nice to see you in Portland this morning. I hope your drive to NYC was speeding ticket-free.

    Brenda B. in Maine

  7. Connie Keller

    I've been on a Caribbean and an Alaskan cruise. My advice…lose weight (just a pound or two) before you go and then exercise a few times while on board and you won't have any post-cruise weight issues. And make sure you take the stairs instead of the elevators.

  8. Reine

    God Cornelia. Wish I could be there. Sounds like totally amazing fun. Damn.

    And I love dark and twisty books, so I'm hoping Toby's is available for downloading. Reading that last of yours, INVISIBLE BOY, before it came out in e-format… Well, it was totally worth it, of course, but I'm not sure I could do it again!

    Enjoy the city.

  9. Cornelia Read

    I'm at the fabulous truckstop thingie on the Mass Pike at the moment–between fashionable Worcester and even more fashionable Sturbridge… Maine was lively, especially getting to meet Brenda–YEA BRENDA!!!!!!

    More when I get to NY, barring catastrophe. You guys are wonderful.

  10. Reine

    I totally LOVE that truckstop thing place! Last time I was there I go a lobster roll at MacD's. The sign said, "Last Chance for a Lobster Roll before leaving Massachusetts!" who am I to argue? I mean I was pretty sure I wouldn't have another chance for a long time. And you know… it was pretty good. xozo

  11. Brenda Buchanan

    A lobster roll? At a truck stop in Massachusetts.? You are one brave woman, Reine.

    Brenda B. in Maine, home of the best lobster. (Just ask Cornelia's mother.)

  12. Reine

    Haha, Brenda! Yeah. But it was lobster. A real lobster roll. And I was headed for Tucson. Come on. Y'know? And hey, I'm from Marblehead. We trap our own there.

  13. Stephen Jay Schwartz

    I so want to be on that friggin' boat with you guys.
    Want it, want it, want it!
    Same time next year, perhaps?

  14. Daisy

    Seeing as how I have a week more vacation than my boyfriend, the cruise sounds like a very attractive option. Particularly considering that I know how late the bars are open on those things. L

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