A WORD ON WORDS with Helen Ellis

By J.T. Ellison

I think housewives are powerful and slightly deranged. But so am I.

Years ago I read a debut novel by a woman named Helen Ellis. Her book was EATING THE CHESHIRE CAT, and I loved it.

Then I heard nothing of Helen Ellis for sixteen years.

Until she resurfaced with a brilliant book of short stories last year called AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (which you must read). And as you can see by my enthusiasm-runneth-over energy, I could not wait to interview Helen, to get a peek into her dark, humorous mind.

Helen Ellis is a powerhouse, y’all, and it’s time she become a household name.

In our delightful chat, Helen and I talk about living as a Southerner in “the Ultimate North,” whether the New York or South is a more sinister place, when it’s okay not to be nice, and why Maybelline lipstick may be the world’s most frightening fashion accessory.

Via: JT Ellison


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