A WORD ON WORDS with Adam Haslett

By J.T. Ellison

photo credit: Nashville Public Television

“I was someone who wrote endlessly in journals, not for an audience but because I needed to get stuff out, to get things in words.”

One day at lunch, I remember my cohost, Mary Laura Philpott, raving about a galley she had just read called IMAGINE ME GONE, which sounded like an utterly heartbreaking yet fascinating book.

Imagine my delight when we learned Mary Laura would get to interview the author, Adam Haslett!

IMAGINE ME GONE tells the story of Michael, his family’s eldest child, who suffers from depression and anxiety. The book is written from the POV of five family members, showing how Michael’s life deeply affects each person. Mary Laura and Adam talk about Adam’s interest in writing about the interior life, the unconventional way he came to the craft, and how he has integrated pieces of his own story into novel writing.

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