by Alafair Burke 59.

That is the number currently next to my name on the list of Murderati archives. This will be the 60th and final post. I started to connect the end of Murderati to the increasing pressure on all artists to build a platform for themselves in 140-character snippets, but then I bummed myself out. Instead, I read through my 59 previous posts and remembered how lucky I was to have Murderati as a place to share whatever happened to interest me with a community of smart, supportive people who — whoa — like books!

Some of my favorite posts were kind of nutty, like this one about writers and their doppelgangers. https://www.murderati.com/blog/2010/2/1/literary-look-alikes-who-are-the-doppelgangers.html

I subsequently changed my mind about Michael Koryta, who is now more Aaron Paul than David Duchovny, but the Laura Lippman – Sweet Polly Purebread comparison holds up.

Some of my favorites were about process, like the time I confessed to doing a true rewrite of my eighth novel. https://www.murderati.com/blog/2011/9/12/rewriting-v-editing.html

I’m starting my tenth now and hope to write it only once. I spent a lot of time talking about my dear, sweet pal, Duffer, who inspired this post about literary animals. https://www.murderati.com/blog/2010/5/24/are-you-there-dog-its-me-margaret.html

And I was lucky enough to use my space at Murderati to interview some of my favorite people: Lisa Unger, Jonathan Hayes, Denise Hamilton, April Smith. How amazing it that?

Though it’s hard to say goodbye to this wonderful party, we maintain the relationships built here. I’m forever grateful.

13 thoughts on “A GOODBYE TOAST

  1. Sarah W

    What an adorable Dufferbug!

    Your rewriting vs. editing article was one of the first I bookmarked from this site–it wasn't the last.

    Thanks for sharing so much with us, especially your amazing sense of humor!

  2. Allison Davis

    From Duffer to Double, a good journey. Glad we have connected on Facebook (Ann Abel) and otherwise. I cherished all the lawyers on Murderati as it gives me hope that sometime I'll break through (Corbett keeps telling me…. and Alex, too) and in the meantime, you and others continue to inspire and give us good books to read. Thanks so much.

  3. Stephen Jay Schwartz

    Alafair and the Duffmeister! Great to see you two back again!
    I'm amazed by how you manage to juggle things, Alafair – you continue to teach and practice law and you always have another book on the shelves – impressive. I always enjoyed your posts on Murderati–thanks so much for coming by to say farewell.

  4. Judy Wirzberger

    Thanks for the bits of wisdom and insight, for sharing your joys and your sadness. I first met you at M is for Mystery, than followed you on the blog. Both have passed. It was grand!

  5. Larry Gasper

    Thanks for this, Alafair. I remembered the post on revising/editing, but wasn't at the right stage of the novel to need it. Now I'm there and this gives me something to think about.
    Your post on literary animals makes me look at my two cats, (Travis) McGee, and (Matt) Scudder and smile. McGee is definitely a talker and active like his namesake, but Scudder just doesn't have the same get up and go as Block's character.
    Oh, and Allison, we're both going to break thru. Imagine how great our combined launch will be.

  6. Dee

    Alafair, you are the reason I discovered Murderati. And even though you moved on soon after, what a wonderful find it has been for rural me, and such a deep loss to know the party is so soon over. Thank you for the gift of your time–and as I have been doing far too often this month–thank you and teary farewells to all the bloggers at this amazing salon.


  7. PD Martin

    Thanks for dropping in for our long goodbye month. Unfortunately we didn't have much cross-over time here on Murderati, but hopefully I'll catch up with you one of these days. If you're ever in Australia…!

  8. Jake Nantz

    Sorry I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent here with us. We'll all miss you guys, and I know my wife will miss the pics you put up of the Duffer. Adorable! Thanks again for all the insight and laughs you provided here!

  9. KDJames

    Another one late to the party — yesterday got away from me, completely. Alafair, your posts were always so full of energy and optimism, even when you were telling us about re-writing that eighth book. It is so good to hear that voice and see your smiling face over here again. Thank you.

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