8.21.16 – Sunday Smatterings

By JT Ellison

Hello, my darlings!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been slightly more active on the socials this week. Part of that was a three-day family road trip to the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore was incredible, y’all, so inspiring, and I loved Deadwood, and simply driving through what looked like the Colorado of my youth. I had to post some pictures and share it with you.

Also, I’m within a few weeks of finishing a draft of the new book, and I will admit, it’s been nice to poke my nose out of my cave and say hello to folks. I had no phone service during the trip, which sounds like a blessing, but being forced away without choosing to do so annoyed me greatly. Contrarian that I am, I don’t like dictums.

So. As of yesterday afternoon, I’m at 88,000 words, or about 380 pages, and things are popping. There is a book in here somewhere. I’m not seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but there is a sense of momentum, of the train hurtling forward, that gives me great hope. I’d love to finish by the end of the month, at the latest by Bouchercon. Wish me luck.

Now, on to the links!

Here’s what happened on the Internets this week:

john mclaughlin

Every weekend while I was growing up, without fail, my parents and I watched The McLaughlin Group. I’ve always been a current events/political junkie, and this show truly was the core of my interests. I’m so sorry it’s over, but John did it will style and class to the very end. RIP, John McLaughlin. Bye-bye.

10 amelia bedelia-isms

For something a bit more lighthearted, you need these 10 Amelia Bedelia-isms. 😂 How many people do you know like this in real life?

The Guardian's top 10 books all writers need to read

The Guardian has collected their top 10 books that all writers need to read. How many have you found your way through? Because I’ll tell you the truth, there’s a lot on this list I haven’t read.

And closer to home:

save time and be more productive with workflows

I’m always looking for ways to be more productive. Automating my life with workflows has been revolutionary for my business and personal lives. I wrote this post for RT Book Reviews‘ Author Portal explaining how I did it.

This week, The Wine Vixen discovered The Wine Show. And my, oh my. Come for the wine, stay for the accents—you’ll notice the show stars the incomparable Matthew Rhys of The Americans and Matthew Goode, which will excite Downton Abbey fans. If you have a Hulu account, we highly suggest you go watch it—fun and informative!

That’s it for us. Take some time to appreciate what an amazing country we live in by setting off into the wilderness sometimes soon. See some of our treasures. Admire the ingenuity and dedication and forbearance it took to tame this gorgeous land. And congratulations to all our incredible Olympians! I am so humbled by their dedication and passion. Go USA!


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