7.16.14 – On Finally Having a Good Writing Day

By JT Ellison

Can you hear the relief in that headline? I haven’t made any bones about the struggle I’ve been having with this book. It’s been absolutely driving me bonkers. No matter which direction I’ve tried, it’s bit my hands, chewed on my shoes, left scratch marks along my arms. It’s truly a… monster book!

But all monsters can be tamed, with the right set of circumstances. I gave up the story I’d originally proposed (sorry, Nicole) and went in a completely new direction. I started making actual progress over the weekend, when elements began to come together. And today, I had my best day yet with this frigging story – 4082 words. Everything flowed. Everything worked. A small golden thread appeared. It’s only leading to the next chapter, but at least it’s finally there.

I’ve built writing time into my RWA schedule, so I don’t lose the thread. But I’ve had to admit I’m not going to make my self-imposed deadline, and that rankles. Alas and alack, right? So long as it doesn’t affect the production schedule, I’m fine. (She says, hopeful.)

Fingers crossed tomorrow will be well. And do stop by early – I have a special treat for you!

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