7.15.14 – On Resurrecting Murderati (sort of)

By JT Ellison

I miss Murderati. We had an incredible run, and it gave me so much in return — discipline, friendship, an outlet to learn the business of writing, and learn about myself. The pressure, though, was tremendous, which was why we eventually shuttered the site. Coming up with something new and interesting 7 days a week for 7 years can be difficult.

But you can’t keep a good site down. And so, I’m so incredibly happy to share with you some great news:

The brand new Murderati website is now live.

We have a new look, courtesy of Writerspcae.com, an archive section, for all those old posts, links to the current publishing news of the day, and…. a blog.

Now, this is a little different than before. Like I said, it was difficult to keep 14 authors spinning like tops. Many of our authors have decided not to participate. For the ones who have, we have a new blog page – Our Blogs – which is a feed directly from the personal blog pages of each author. So when they post on their own blog, Murderati gets updated.

Pretty cool, huh? We’re back to a one stop shop for many of the Murderati authors!

You can sign up for the Murderati feed right here, have it delivered to your RSS reader. You can go to the site directly and poke around. You can leave love notes, follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Whatever you’d like, all there for the taking.

I hope you love the new site, and enjoy getting updates from your old friends. Do check out Alex Sokoloff’s latest update – she explains what we’re about, and has some wonderful news to share – love, and new books? Now THIS is what Murderati is all about!

Please share this news with your friends! We’re really happy to be back with you again.

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