6.30.16 – If you’ve finished FIELD OF GRAVES, it’s time for the next Taylor book…

By JT Ellison

Hi, guys!

Amy here, taking the reins from J.T. so she can, you know, write stuff for all of us to devour.

If you’ve finished FIELD OF GRAVES (congrats, by the way!), now’s the time to move on to the next book in the Lt. Taylor Jackson series: ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS. It’s got a new cover, a creepy killer who likes to leave unconventional bread crumbs at the scenes of his crimes, and more Taylor/Baldwin goodness. You don’t wanna miss this book (or, if you’ve read it, take a walk down Memory Lane and revisit this one!).

Here’s a bit more about it:

Book #1 in the heart-racing Taylor Jackson series chronicles a serial killer who leaves a gruesome memento at each crime scene—his prior victim’s severed hand. As the killer spirals out of control, Taylor and Baldwin must face a horrible truth: the purest evil is born of private lies.

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