By JT Ellison

I haven’t been posting much lately, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ll be honest, I turned my daily journaling here private after an uncomfortable run in with someone who made me realize nothing we say or do on the internet is private. And I of course ran the other direction screaming, because I am at heart a rather private person, and, and, and….

But, I miss blogging. I miss the interaction, the examination of my work, the insights I gain when I try to put things I’m doing and thinking into words. Doing it for myself is a journal, which we all know I dislike. Doing it as a blog feels, somehow, more constructive. And damn it, it’s not right that I let a stranger chase me away from something I generally like doing.


1200 words today on Sam #4 – WHAT LIES BEHIND – taking me over the 21K mark. This book has been giving me fits, as they all do until I hit the magical 25K/100 page point. That’s when things suddenly start making sense, the little subconscious breadcrumbs I’ve left behind begin to show themselves, and I get an idea of what the story is about. But this one – wow. Nothing works, the story won’t coalesce. Yesterday, I finally realized I needed to have myself a little come to Jesus with the story, see what was wrong, let my mind make some leaps.

My biggest problem: I tried to outline this one before I started writing. Enormous fail. It knocked me off my game for a month, the book suffered, and that was a month I didn’t have to lose. I’ve been kicking around the first 70 pages for three weeks now, two steps forward, three steps back. Procrastinating and dribbling words onto the page and all the amateurish things I do when I’m stuck. (It is not writer’s block. Well, actually, it is, but it’s my story telling me I’m off on the wrong path. Story is always right!)

And then… this morning, after taking a deep breath and rolling up my sleeves and putting on the Deathly Hallows soundtrack with the express intent of either making it work or throwing it out, an idea came.

I think I’m on the right track now – it’s been a day of enormous breakthroughs, which makes me feel much better about making the August 1 deadline.

So help me, chickens. Cheer me on. Tell me what you’ve been up to. Ask questions. Let’s get things back on track here, shall we?

My favorite link today: Elizabeth Gilbert on Craft (via the divine Ariel Lawhon) which is a perfect jumping off point for tomorrow.


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