4.21.16 – About That TV Show I’ve Been Doing… (BONUS: watch my interview with Deborah Harkness!)

By JT Ellison

Photo Credit: Nashville Public Television

Last October I told y’all how I became a TV host.

And it has been quite the surreal experience.

Every time I get on set, wherever we’re shooting in Nashville that day, I’m overwhelmed with just how lucky I am to do this. I get to launch into full reader-nerd mode, ask brilliant people how they do their work, and learn at their feet.

Plus, I’m conquering personal milestones, i.e. my fear of public speaking. I haven’t nearly barfed on someone since I interviewed sweet Patti Callahan Henry. That that, stupid phobia!

Anyway, my fellow readers, I thought you’d like to see what I’ve been up to, who I’ve been chatting with. I have a wonderful co-host, the hilarious and talented Mary Laura Philpott, who’s been bringing her A-game in her interviews (go watch her chat with recent Pulitzer Prize winner, William Finnegan). And I can’t say enough about Linda Wei, Matt Emigh, Will Pedigo, and the rest of the Nashville Public Television crew. Your unparalleled vision and crazy talent have brought something very wonderful back into our city. And you guys are so much fun!


This interview’s one of my personal favorites.

I got to interview Deborah Harkness, whose All Souls Trilogy I just adore.

After this chat? I may adore her more!

Wanna watch more? Check out the A Word on Words website.


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